API Description

Links a device with the store of another Official Account. The review status of the store must be "Approved".

Because the third-party store is not owned by the Official Account, it is not saved to the device details. APIs for querying the device list and getting the device and user information via Shake Nearby will not return the third-party store. To verify the store, use Shake to Follow JS API.

If the device is linked to its own store, the third-party store related features are automatically blocked.

API Request Format

HTTP request method: POST (use the HTTPS protocol) https://api.weixin.qq.com/shakearound/device/bindlocation?access_token=ACCESS_TOKENPOST data format: jsonPOST data example:
		"minor":1223	},
      "poi_id": 1231,
	      "type": 2,
      "poi_appid": "wxappid"


Parameter Required Description
access_token Yes The credential for calling the API
device_identifier Yes The specified device ID
device_id Yes Device ID. If UUID+major+minor is entered, device ID is optional. If both are entered, device ID is preferred.
UUID, major, minor Yes If device ID is entered, this parameter is optional. If device ID is left empty, all the three parts of the parameter are required.
poi_id Yes The store ID linked with the device. Information can be preferentially obtained via the Shake-Nearby feature within the range of 1KM. When the value is 0, the store ID linked with the device will be cleared. For more information about the store, see the API documentation related to the store.
Type No. It defaults to 1 if left empty When the value is 1, the linked store and device belong to the same Official Account; when the value is 2, the linked stores are stores of other Official Accounts.
Poi_appid When "Type" is 2, this field is required APPID of the Official Account that the linked store belongs to.

**Response ** Example of the JSON packet returned for a successful request:

    "data": {
    "errcode": 0,
    "errmsg": "success."