This API is used to query the detailed information of card/coupon issuance in a store, including the issuance status, card/coupon ID, and issuance time.

API Request Format

Protocol: HTTPS
HTTP request method: POST
Request URL:
POST data format: JSON

Request Parameters

Parameter Required Description
access_token Yes The credential for calling the API
POST data Yes JSON data





Field Required Description
shop_id Yes Store ID. It can be set to 0, indicating all stores.


The JSON data returned for a successful request:

   "errcode": 0,
   "data": {
      "shop_id": 429620,
      "card_status": 1,
      "card_id": "pBnTrjqf95sZLOxN5gf_EkHwyxiw",
      "card_describe": "10-CNY Cash Coupon",
      "start_date": 1457712000,
      "end_date": 1457712000


start_time Field Description
shop_id Store ID
card_id Card/Coupon ID
card_status Card/Coupon issuance status. 0: Taking effect; 1: Not coming into effect; 2: Expired.
card_describe Card/Coupon description
start_time Start time of card/coupon issuance (in sec)
end_time End time of card/coupon issuance (in sec)