This API is used to set card/coupon issuance information for a store. When this API is called, users can follow a merchant's Official Account and claim the configured card/coupon when connecting to a Wi-Fi network. The card/coupon ID and validity period of issuance must be set.

Note: You must create a card/coupon to get the card/coupon ID by following either of the methods below:

  1. Log in to the Official Accounts Platform and create a card/coupon in the Cards & Offers plug-in. Select the card/coupon in the list and click details to get the card/coupon ID.

  2. Call the "Create Card/Coupon" API, set the card/coupon information, and get the card/coupon ID.

API Request Format

Protocol: HTTPS
HTTP request method: POST
Request URL:    
POST data format: JSON

Request Parameters

Parameter Required Description
access_token Yes The credential for calling the API
POST data Yes JSON data



  "card_describe":"10-CNY Cash Coupon",


Field Required Description
shop_id Yes Store ID. It can be set to 0, indicating all stores.
card_id Yes Card/Coupon ID
card_describe Yes Card/Coupon description, with a maximum length of 18 characters.
start_time Yes Start time of card/coupon issuance (in sec)
end_time Yes End time of card/coupon issuance (in sec). Note that this value must be within the validity period of the card/coupon.


The JSON data returned for a successful request:

  "errcode": 0,