This API is used to query the detailed Wi-Fi information of a store, including the device type of the store, SSID, password, number of devices, merchant homepage URL, and text for the pinned entry on top.

API Request Format

Protocol: HTTPS
HTTP request method: POST
Request URL:
POST data format: JSON

Request Parameters

Parameter Required Description
access_token Yes The credential for calling the API
POST data Yes JSON data



    "shop_id": 429620


Field Required Description
shop_id Store ID Yes


The JSON data returned for a successful request:

  "errcode": 0,
  "data": {
    "shop_name": "Nanshan Store",
    "ssid": " WX123",
    "ssid_list": [
    "ssid_password_list": [
        "ssid": "WX123",
        "password": "123456789"
        "ssid": "WX456",
        "password": "21332465dge"
    "password": "123456789",
    "protocol_type": 4,
    "ap_count": 2,
    "template_id": 1,
    "homepage_url": "",
    "bar_type": 1,


Field Description
shop_name Store name
ssid The SSID of the wireless network device. This field is left empty if no device is added. If there are more than one SSID, the first one is displayed.
ssid_list The list of SSIDs of wireless network devices, which is returned in an array format.
ssid_password_list A list of SSIDs and passwords (in array format). The password field is only available to password-based devices.
password The password of the device. It is returned when the device type is password-based device.
protocol_type The type of device in the store. 0: No device added; 4: Password-based device; 31: Portal-based device.
ap_count Total number of devices in the store
template_id Template type used in the merchant homepage
homepage_url Merchant homepage URL
bar_type Text for the pinned entry on top: 0: Welcome to + Official Account name; 1: Welcome to + Store name; 2: Connected to + Official Account name + Wi-Fi; 3: Connected to + Store name + Wi-Fi.
finishpage_url URL of the "Wi-Fi connected" page
sid Merchant ID, corresponding to the poi_id of the store. You are recommended to link it when adding a store. For details, see "Weixin Store APIs".
poi_id Store ID (applicable to Weixin Cards & Offers and Weixin Store). See the Weixin Store documentation for details. A store ID corresponds to a shop_id.