Weixin Mini Program Platform Terms of ServiceEnglish

Welcome to Weixin Mini Program Platform!

Your use of Weixin Mini Program Platform Services (the "Services" or "Mini Programs Services") is subject to these Weixin Mini Program Platform Terms of Service (these "Terms"). These Terms shall be deemed a supplemental agreement to the Weixin Official Account Platform Service Agreement, constituting an inseparable part thereof. You should have read and agreed to the protocol specifications of the terminal device systems, application stores, markets, including but not limited to, the Apple Developer Program License Agreement and the App Store Review Guidelines. Please carefully review and fully understand each term and condition hereunder before you accept or reject any of them, especially the exclusion, exemption and limitation clauses and service-specific agreements or terms. To draw your attention, all the exclusion, exemption and limitation clauses may be in bold herein.

You must not use the Weixin Official Account Platform Services unless you review and agree to these Terms. By logging on, checking, or posting information about the Services, you are deemed to have reviewed and agree to be bound by these Terms.

If you are under the age of 18, you must review these Terms and applicable service-specific terms with your legal guardian. You must pay more attention to specific terms regarding a minor's use of the Services.

I. [Scope of Terms]

1.1 These Terms regarding the Services are entered into by and between you and Tencent ("we", "us" or "our"). For the purposes of these Terms, any reference herein to "Users" refers to an individuals or entities who register for, log on to and/or make use of Weixin Mini Programs ("you" or the "Developers"). For the purposes of these Terms, any reference herein to "Other Users" refers to individuals or entities (exclusive of you) who use the services in relation to Weixin Mini Programs, including but not limited to other users of Weixin Mini Programs, users of an Weixin Official Account and ordinary users of Weixin software.

1.2 For the purposes of these Terms, the Services are ones offered by Tencent in accordance herewith, including, without limitation, remote interface calls, frontend framework development, service connection channels, encrypted data transmission, and any other Internet technological assistance related to the foregoing services. By using Weixin Mini Programs, the users of the Weixin software shall be deemed to be the service users of such Weixin Mini Programs ("service users" shall be subject to the relevant terms applicable to "subscribers" under the Weixin Official Account Platform Service Agreement to the extent consistent herewith. Weixin Mini Programs may provide application services to relevant users through Mini Program Platform.

1.3 Weixin Mini Program is a Weixin Official Account in substance. You must comply with the Weixin Official Account Platform Service Agreement and any other agreements and rules to the extent consistent herewith.

II. [Registration and Review of Mini Programs]

2.1 You must register for a Weixin Mini Program before using the Services. You have to register for a Weixin Mini Program by linking an email account with it. Please complete the registration with an email account that has yet been linked to any Weixin Official Accounts, Developers' Account of Weixin Open Platform and other Weixin accounts. We, according to User's and products' needs, may from time to time modify the way you register for a Weixin Mini Program and/or the way your email account interacts with a Weixin Mini Program. Please review and comply with the relevant account user agreement and the special rules we issued to find out the detailed rules applicable to your use of a Weixin Mini Program.

2.2 Following the registration, you may generate a QR Code or an electronic name card via administrative system, whereby Weixin users can add your Mini Program.

2.3 Following the registration, you may design, test, edit, maintain your Mini Program. However, your Mini Program is not allowed to be published or displayed and Weixin users cannot find, access or add your Mini Program until Tencent reviews and approves it.

2.4 Tencent will review a Mini Program to be published to ensure the safety and stability of Weixin Mini Program Platform, Weixin Official Account Platform and Other Users and user experience.

For the purposes of these Terms, any reference of "Review" refers to the process, in which you initialize your Mini Program and submit it to Tencent who itself or engage an independent third party to review, screen, test and evaluate its legality, rationality, safety, stability, maneuverability and user experience. Review methods include, without limitation, information check, safety testing, UI testing, random testing and dynamic testing. Review has two likely results, success or failure. If the Review fails, then your Mini Program cannot be published.

2.5 You understand and agree that the Review is an evaluation and judgment service provided by Tencent reasonably and prudently within its legal authorities and capabilities based on the materials you submit, including but not limited to your Mini Program's registration information, service scope, declarations, development documents and instructions. However, we are unlikely to examine the soundness of your substantive operation, management and promotion, and will never provide guarantee for the same. You should carefully review all the agreements, norms and rules in connection with Mini Programs. Tencent will specify as many scenarios for Rejection as possible in the relevant guidelines. Given constant changes on the laws, regulations, requirements of administration, norms and user experience expectations, your Mini Program may be rejected for reasons unspecified under the guidelines issued by Tencent. You should be solely liable for any legal consequences arising from and in connection with your Mini Program and the result of the Review.

For the purpose of these Terms, any reference to "Rejection" refers to the rejection of an application, short-term, long-term or permanent block of a Mini Program, or rejection to offer the Services in other ways, for example, restriction or prohibition on publishing a Mini Program.

2.6 For us to offer more professional services, you authorize us to engage an independent third party to review your application. Following the Review, you may submit additional requests for Review of updates and/or upgrades in a reasonable manner and with a reasonable frequency. You understand and agree that we incur expenses (including both labor and financial costs) in the process of Review. If you submit your Mini Program for the Review too frequently due to malicious or non-malicious reasons (such as technical level, user demand, etc.) during the Review period, Tencent may charge you for the Review, or suspend or terminate the Review, for which you should solely bear the liabilities. After your payment, we will issue legally effective invoice for your payment for the Review according to the information you provide. You must ensure the authenticity, accuracy and effectiveness of such information, or otherwise you should be liable for the losses arising thereof.

2.7 The registration of Mini Programs adopts a real-name system, in which those who propose to register for a Mini Program are required to submit their identification credentials and complete information registration. You must ensure the authenticity, legality, accuracy and effectiveness of such identification credentials. Tencent will, depending on your materials, present your registration information to Other Users to the extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations. If you provide services or content that requires permission or registration as required by relevant laws and regulations, you should clearly state and submit the corresponding legally valid license or government record when the account is registered and verified. Otherwise, Tencent has the right to refuse or terminate the provision of this service, and to penalize the illegal account in accordance with your Mini Program. Therefore, you shall be liable for any damages Tencent or any third party suffers from your misstatement.

2.8 You clearly understand and agree that Mini Program should be within the scope of Tencent's published categories. To this end, you should accurately, comprehensively, and thoroughly select the categories based on the services, activities, and industries that your Mini Program provides, so that Tencent can better identify the law provisions and regulatory requirements that may be related to your submitted Mini Program, which will be reviewed accordingly. If Tencent finds that your submitted Mini Program does not have a corresponding category, or if the submitted qualification materials do not meet the qualification requirements of the relevant category, it will not be approved. Meanwhile, Tencent may also make special rules in these Terms of Service and related agreements based on laws and regulations or regulatory requirements in specific industries. You should comply with the foregoing additional rules, if your Mini Program is involved in those industries.

III. [Verification of Mini Programs]

3.1 Depending on your information registration or other demands, you may request the Weixin Official Account Platform to verify a Mini Program. Following the applicable procedures, we will accept or reject the verification application. Such verification is performed exclusively based on the materials and information you submit to us, on which we will perform a reasonable and careful formality examination. Given our limited authority and capability, we are unlikely to examine the soundness of your substantive operation, management and promotion, and will never provide guarantee for the same. You are solely liable for any self-induced disputes with the Other Users or any third parties. In addition, you are liable for any damages Tencent, Other Users, or any third parties suffers from such.

3.2 For us to provide more professional services, you agree to authorize Tencent to engage a third party to review the verification information submitted by you, and to determine the results of the verification after making independent decision based on the facts and conditions. In order to protect the rights of rights holders and regulate the operation of the platform, some of the advanced features of the Mini Program need to be verified before they can be used. For the details, please review and comply with the Weixin Official Account Platform Verification Service Agreement.

IV. [Protection of Personal Information]

4.1 The Services shall apply the "Protection of Personal Information" section of the Weixin Official Account Platform Service Agreement.

4.2 In applying for the Services, you may be required to fill in a form of necessary information. Please ensure the authenticity, accuracy, legality and effectiveness of such information you provide, and update it over time so that Tencent can better serve you and give you timely and effective support. As required by applicable laws and regulations, you must submit your real identification credentials. Your use of the Services may be suspended or restricted if any inaccuracy or incompleteness is found in the information you submit. You understand and agree that, in order to provide services to you, we will present your registration information to Other Users to the extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations.

4.3 In your application for and use of the Services, you must accurately tell us the way data are transmitted amongst you, service users and Other Users so that we can secure your and relevant users' personal information by encrypting the data transmission. Otherwise, Tencent is not liable for any information loss, leakage or damage.

4.4 To the extent your Mini Program collects, stores, process or uses personal data or information of end users (as such terms are defined under applicable law):

(1) You shall comply with, and you will not knowingly enable any end users to breach, the Terms and any applicable laws and regulations (including relating to the processing of personal data). You shall make available to us all information necessary to demonstrate compliance with laws and regulations relating to privacy and data security and the requirements of this section 4.4, including facilitating the conduct of audits and/or inspections of your compliance.

(2) You shall establish and comply with a privacy policy that clearly and accurately describes to end users what personal data you collect and how you use and share such information (including for advertising) with us and other third parties (e.g. if any such third parties serve content to, or collects information from, them). Such privacy policy must, at a minimum, comply with and be consistent with the terms and conditions set out in the Terms and Weixin Privacy Protection Guideline (as applicable).

(3) If you have to collect or process any personal data when providing a Mini Program, you shall obtain users' express consent to such processing at the time you request such data.

(4) Unless otherwise authorized or consented to (including under your privacy policy), you shall only process personal data solely to the extent necessary for fulfillment of operation or function of the relevant Mini Program. You shall not use such data outside of the relevant Mini Program or for any other purpose. Without limiting your obligations under the Terms or under applicable law, you shall notify end users of the purpose, scope and processing of the data processed by or on behalf of you (whether directly or indirectly), and provide a mechanism for end users to enforce their rights with respect to such data.

(5) To the extent any personal data is provided by us, you shall only use such data in accordance with documented instructions provided by us. In the event that we request that such data be deleted, you shall use reasonable efforts to delete such data.

(6) You shall implement appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect user data from unauthorized access or use, and regularly test the effectiveness of such security measures. After collecting user data, you must take reasonable measures to prevent such data from being stolen or leaked.

(7) You shall provide users with ways to modify and delete their data such that if a user needs to delete his or her user data, they can do it automatically, and you shall ensure that relevant data shall be deleted such that it is irretrievable.

(8) You shall assist us to respond to requests from end users to exercise their rights under applicable data protection and privacy laws.

(9) You shall not transfer any personal data that we have provided to you, to any other countries, or to any other person, without our prior written approval. Any such transfers shall only take place as permitted under applicable data and privacy law.

4.5 Without the consent of Tencent, you shall not collect, process, store, capture, obtain or require any end user to provide any data, such as user data, etc., including but not limited to information contained on Weixin and/or its service platform. You shall not use such data to the extent it is obtained in breach of the Agreement or applicable laws and regulations. You shall not provide such data to any third parties, including any of your customers.

4.6 You shall not, without the prior written consent of Tencent, use the any data obtained in connection with Weixin, or from the Mini Program to conduct, publicly or privately, any promotional, marketing or advertising activities.

4.7 If Tencent in its sole discretion believes that the way you collect, process or use any data relating to users may damage or detrimentally impact the user experience, you shall, if requested by Tencent, immediately delete such data and no longer collect, process or use such data. If Tencent requests that you delete any personal data, you shall: (i) render any requested data anonymous in such a manner that it no longer constitutes personal data (as defined under the applicable data and privacy laws); or (ii) permanently delete or render unreadable the requested data. Upon request by us, you must provide written confirmation to us of the anonymization or deletion of the requested personal data.

4.8 Tencent may at any time restrict or prevent you from obtaining user data or any other data processed or stored within the Weixin Open Platform.

4.9 Except to the extent such data is owned by users in accordance with law, all the rights in any data, user data or other data processed or stored within the Weixin Open Platform belong to Tencent, are commercially sensitive information and deemed trade secrets of Tencent. You shall ensure that all personnel with access to personal data are bound by confidentiality obligations. Without the prior written approval from Tencent, you shall not use the aforementioned data for any purposes other than the purpose of the Agreement and shall not disclose such data to any third party.

4.10 Once you cease to use the Mini Program, or in the event Tencent terminates the services supplied to you for any reason, you shall delete all data obtained in connection with the Mini Program, including any backups thereof obtained and immediately cease to use such data in any manner.

4.11 You shall independently take reasonable and safe technical measures to secure information of various types of data stored in Tencent's servers arising from the Mini Program. You shall be liable for the consequences arising from your own acts (including but not limited to self-installing software, encryption measures or other security measures, etc.). You shall promptly report to us, end users and, where applicable, the relevant data protection authorities, any unauthorized access or use of personal data.

V. [Intellectual Properties]

5.1 In your use of the Services, all the intellectual property rights of the content we offer (including but not limited to web pages, text, pictures, audio, video and charts) belong to us. All the intellectual property rights of the content generated in your use of the Services belong to you and the relevant right holders.

5.2 Unless otherwise specifically stated, Tencent shall own the copyrights, patents, and other intellectual property rights that is related to providing the Services.

VI. [Liabilities]

6.1 You must comply with the "Liabilities" section of the Weixin Official Account Platform Service Agreement to the extent consistent herewith.

6.2 You fully know and understand that we hereunder only offer you the Services and independent technical assistance, and are entitled to ascertain the scope of users who can use the Services for the sake of ordered operation and healthy development of Weixin and the platform.

6.3 Your Mini Program is developed and operated by and on behalf of you, any disputes between you and any third party arising from your Mini Program are your sole responsibility, and no liability will be assumed by Tencent from that. We will never engage in the development, operation, modification, adjustment, or edit of your Mini Program.

6.4 You are solely liable for any disputes arising from your Mini Program and the relevant service and any consequences of your breach of applicable laws, regulations or these Terms, with Tencent unencumbered by any claims. If your misconduct affects our or any third party's rights and interests, you shall bear full responsibility and be liable for all damages as a result.

VII. [Miscellaneous]

7.1 Given that the Services involve technological development of the Weixin Official Account Platform, we may from time to time invite users to attend our internal tests. Without our written consent, you must not disclose, transmit or present any test-related information to any third party if you are invited and agree to attend these tests. Otherwise, we may disqualify you from such eligibility and other eligibility for internal tests and claim for damages (if any).

7.2 By using the Services, you are deemed to have reviewed and agree to be bound by these Terms. Tencent is entitled to amend these Terms as appropriate from time to time. You may find the up-to-date version of these Terms on our service web page. By continuing to use the Services, you are deemed to have agreed to be bound by the amended Terms. You must cease to use the Services if you do not agree to such amended Terms.

7.3 The contracting place and dispute resolution hereof are as same as the corresponding arrangement under the Weixin Official Account Platform Service Agreement. The contracting place is Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, the People's Republic of China, and any dispute or controversy which cannot be settled by negotiation shall be finally settled by local people's court of the contracting place that has jurisdictions there.

7.4 The conclusion, validity, performance and interpretation of these Terms and settlement of disputes in connection herewith shall be governed by the laws of the mainland of the People's Republic of China (exclusive of applicable conflict of laws rules).