# Access to Capital Streams

# Interface call request specification

Http request method: POST

# Request Parameter Sample

    "order_id": 1651031426690650

# Return Package Example

    "order_flow": {
        "order_id": 1651031426690650,
            "price": 1,
            "order_price": 1,
            "discount_fee": 0,
            " service_fee": 0,
            "handling_fee": 0,
            "refund_fee": 0,
            "settled_time": 0,
            "order_time": 1625390752,
            "refunding_type": 0

# Request Parameter Dxplaination

parameter type Is it necessary to fill out Introductions
order_id number yes order number

# Return parameter specification

parameter type Introductions
Errcode number Error code
errmsg string Error message
order_flow.order_id number order number
order_flow.status number Status of funds
order_flow.price number Business income
order_flow.order_price number Total order amount
order_flow.discount_fee number Discounted amount
order_flow.service_fee number service charge
order_flow.handling_fee number Handling Fee
order_flow.refund_fee number Refund amount
order_flow.settled_time number Settlement Time
order_flow.order_time number The order is made by
order_flow.refunding_type number Refund type

# Enumerate status

Enumeration value describe
1 Deal fails
2 Successful deal
3 Transaction anomaly
4 Pending settlement

# Return code

Return code Type of error
-1 System exception