# Modification of settlement accounts

The number of changes allowed to the settlement account per day is five.

# Interface call request specification

Http request method: POST

# Request Parameter Sample

        "bank_account_type" :"ACCOUNT_TYPE_PRIVATE",
        "account_bank":" 招商银行 ", 

# Return Package Example

    "errcode": 0,
    "errmsg": "OK"

# Request Parameter Dxplaination

parameter type Is it necessary to fill out Introductions
account_info.bank_account_type string yes Type of account
account_info.account_bank string yes Account Bank (Account Bank Reference Sheet
account_info.bank_address_code string yes The code of the province and city of the opening bank (need to be accurate to the city at least)List of provinces and municipalities
account_info.bank_branch_id string no Company Number of Account Bank
account_info.bank_name string no Full Name of the Opening Bank (If the opening bank is "other bank," please fill in either "full name of opening bank (including sub-branch)" or "joint line number of open bank." See detailsFull name of opening bank (including branch)
account_info.account_number string yes Bank account
account_info.account_bank4show string no Front-end display value of bank name (Account by default when empty)_Bank field)

# Type of account

value Introductions
ACCOUNT_TYPE_BUSINESS Public bank account
ACCOUNT_TYPE_PRIVATE Operator's Personal Bank Card

# Return parameter specification

parameter type Introductions
Errcode number Error code
errmsg string Error message

# Return code

Return code Type of error
-1 System exception