# Get pressure test reports

# Interface call specification

http Request method: POST

# Request Parameter Sample

    "pressure_id" : 666

# Return Package Example

    "blankpage_pencent": 25,
    "have_time_cost": 2411,
    "max_time_cost": 4390,
    "total_launch_cnt": 64786,
    "total_request_cnt": 1419,
    "network_list": [
            "path": "https://cube.weixinbridge.com/cube/report/reportbizdata",
            "have_time_cost": 82,
            "max_time_cost": 1108,
            "total_request_cnt": 1419,
            "succ_percent": 100
    "appid" :  "wxb24cc230ace685a3",
    "run_time": 300,
    “status”: 1
    "errcode": 0,

# Request Parameter Dxplaination

parameter type Required Required Introductions
pressure_id number yes Pressure measurement id

# Return parameter specification

parameter type Introductions
status number 1: In line2: Pressure test3: Pressure test failure 4: End of pressure test
Errcode number Error code: 10007: Pressure test id does not exist10003: Failed to get pressure test report, please check pressure test statusOther: System error
errmsg string Error message
blankpage_Descent number Open the white page of the page
Have_time_cost number The average time taken to open a page, Unit ms
Max_time_cost number Maximum time to open the page, Unit ms
total_launch_cnt number How many times has this page been opened?
total_request_cnt number How many network requests were initiated
appid string Mini Program id
run_time number Pressure measurement time, Unit s
pressure_id number Pressure Test ID
network_list array Statistics of network requests
network_list.path string Network request path
network_list.Have_time_cost number The average time of the path, Unit ms
network_list.Max_time_cost number Maximum time taken for this path, in ms
network_list.total_request_cnt number How many times have this path been requested?
network_list.succ_percent number The success rate of requesting this path

# Note

  • Can only query the pressure returned by the Mini Program submitting a pressure test_id。