# Access to goods

# Interface call request specification

Http request method: POST

# Request Parameter Sample

    "product_id": 324545,
    "out_product_id": "51514515",
    "need_edit_spu": 1      // Default 0: Get online data, 1: Get draft data

# Return Package Example

    "errcode": 0,
        "out_product_id": "1234566",
        "title": " Nintendo Nintendo Switch China Line Endurance Enhanced Edition NS Home Gaming Console Portable handheld game consoles Red and blue host ""path": "plugin-private://wx34345ae5855f892d/pages/productDetail/productDetail?productId=2176180",
            " http://img10.360buyimg.com/n1/s450x450_jfs/t1/85865/39/13611/488083/5e590a40E4bdf69c0/55c9bf645ea2b727.jpg"
            "desc": "xxxx",
                " http://img10.360buyimg.com/n1/s450x450_jfs/t1/85865/39/13611/488083/5e590a40E4bdf69c0/55c9bf645ea2b727.jpg"
        "audit_info": {
            "submit_time" :  "2021-03-09 15:14:08",
            "audit_time": "2021-03-09 15:16:08",
            "reject_reason": "No,"
        "third_cat_id": 6666,
        "brand_id": 2100000000,
        "info_version": "xxx",
        "create_time": "2020-12-25 00:00:00",
        "update_time": "2020-12-26 00:00:00",
                "out_product_id": "1234566",
                "out_sku_id": "1024",
                "thumb_img": " http://img10.360buyimg.com/n1/s450x450_jfs/t1/100778/17/13648/424215/5e590a40E2d68e774/e171d222a0c9b763.jpg",
                "sale_price": 1300,
                "market_price": 1500,
                "stock_in a": 100,
                "sku_code": "A24525252",
                "barcode": "13251454",
                        "attr_key": "Choose a color,"
                        "attr_value": "Red and blue host."
                        "attr_key": "Choose a suit,"
                        "attr_value": "Host + Protective Case"

# Request Parameter Dxplaination

parameter type Is it necessary to fill out Introductions
out_product_id string no Merchant custom product ID, with product_Id choose two
product_id number no Trading component platform internal product ID, and out_product_Id choose two
need_edit_spu number no Default 0: Get online data, 1: Get draft data

# Return parameter specification

parameter type Introductions
Errcode number Error code
errmsg string Error message
spu.product_id number Trading Component Internal Product ID
spu.out_product_id string Custom Product ID
spu.title string title
spu.path string Bound Mini Program product path
spu.head_img string array Main chart, multiple sheets, list
spu.desc_info.desc string Product Details
spu.desc_info.imgs string array Picture of the day
spu.audit_info object Product Audit Information
spu.audit_info.submit_time string Last submission date, yyyy-MM-dd HH: mm: SS
spu.audit_info.audit_time string Last audit time, yyyy-MM-dd HH: mm: SS
spu.audit_info.reject_reason string Reason for refusal, only edit_Appears when status is 3
spu.audit_info.audit_id string Audit Form ID
spu.status number Product Online Status
spu.edit_status number Draft status of merchandise
spu.third_cat_id number Level 3 Category ID
spu.brand_id number Brand id
spu.create_time string Create time
spu.update_time string Update time
spu.info_version string Reserved fields for version control
spu.skus[] object array sku array
spu.skus[].out_product_id string Custom Product ID
spu.skus[].out_sku_id string Business custom skuID
spu.skus[].thumb_img string sku small diagram
spu.skus[].sale_price number Sale Price in Units
spu.skus[].market_price number Market prices in units
spu.skus[].stock_A number stock
spu.skus[].barcode string barcode
spu.skus[].sku_code string Product code
spu.skus[].sku_attrs[].attr_key string Sales attribute key (custom)
spu.skus[].sku_attrs[].attr_value string Sales attribute value (custom)
spu.supplier string Supplier name
spu.express_fee number Courier charges, divided into units
spu.product_type string Product attributes, such as: 1, pre-sale goods, 2, virtual electronic certificate goods, 3, custom
spu.sell_time string Timed shelf time
spu.pick_up_type string array Distribution mode 1 Express 2 City 3 Home delivery 4 p.m.
spu.onsale number 0 - Not on sale 1 - On sale
spu.unitname string Product unit
spu.unitfactor number Packaging factor

# Enumerate - edit _status

Enumeration value describe
1 Not audited
2 Under review
3 Audit failure
4 Audit success

# Enumerate - status

Enumeration value describe
0 Initial value
5 Shelf
11 Autonomous dismounting
13 Offending Shelf/Air Control System Off the Shelf