# Get coupon information

# Interface call specification

Http request method: POST

# Request Parameter Sample

	"out_coupon_id": "out_coupon_id_1"

# Return Package Example

	"errcode": 0,  // Return code
	"result": {
		"coupon": {
			"out_coupon_id": "coupon_id_1",  // Coupon ID
			"type": 101,
			"promote_type": 4,
			"coupon_info": {
				"name": Sample Coupon,
				"promote_info": {
					"promote_type": "PROMOTE_TYPE_FINDER",
					"finder": {
						"nickname": "Video Number Nickname"
				"discount_info": {
					"discount_condition": {
						"product_cnt": 2,  // When coupon type is product coupon
						"product_price": 5000,
						"out_product_ids": ["product_id_3", "product_id_4"],  // When coupon type is product coupon
						"tradein_info": {  // Coupon type is when you buy coupon
							"out_product_id": "product_id_5",
							"price": 10000
						"buyget_info": {  // Coupon Type When Redemption Coupon
							"buy_out_product_id": "product_id_1",
							"buy_product_cnt": 3,
							"get_out_product_id": "product_id_2",
							"get_product_cnt": 2131241242
					"discount_in a": 9800,  // Discount coupon
					"discount_fee": 6400  // Full discount coupon, direct discount coupon
				"receive_info": {
					"start_time": 1625451250,  //Collection Start Time
					"end_time": 1625454250,  //End of collection
					"limit_A_one_person": 10,  //Limited number of tickets, guaranteed by Mini Program
					"total_in a": 100  //Total issued
				"valid_info": {
					"valid_type": "COUPON_VALID_TYPE_TIME", //Type of Validity
					"valid_day_in a": 10,  //Days of entry into force
					"start_time": 1625451250,  //Effective Start Time
					"end_time": 1625464250  //Effective end time
			"status": 1,  // Coupon status
			"create_time": 1625454641,
			"update_time": 1625454641,
			"appid" :  "wx9e20708660a0991b"

# Request Parameter Dxplaination

parameter type Is it necessary to fill out Introductions
out_coupon_id string yes Coupon id

# Return parameter specification

parameter type Introductions
coupon.out_coupon_id string Merchant Side Coupon ID
coupon.type number Coupon Type
coupon.promote_type number Coupon Promotion Type
coupon.coupon_info.name string Coupon Name
coupon.coupon_info.promote_info.promote_type number Coupon Promotion Type
coupon.coupon_info.promote_info.finder.nickname string Promotional Video Number
coupon.coupon_info.discount_info.discount_condition.product_cnt number Number of items required for discount terms
coupon.coupon_info.discount_info.discount_condition.product_price number Amount required to satisfy discount conditions
coupon.coupon_info.discount_info.discount_condition.out_product_ids string array Specify product merchant side ID
coupon.coupon_info.discount_info.discount_condition.tradein_info.out_product_id string Merchant Side ID
coupon.coupon_info.discount_info.discount_condition.tradein_info.price number Amount to be paid, per cent
coupon.coupon_info.discount_info.discount_condition.buyget_info.buy_out_product_id string Buy Merchandise Merchant Side ID
coupon.coupon_info.discount_info.discount_condition.buyget_info.buy_product_cnt number Number of items purchased
coupon.coupon_info.discount_info.discount_condition.buyget_info.get_out_product_id string Business side ID
coupon.coupon_info.discount_info.discount_condition.buyget_info.get_product_cnt number Number of items donated
coupon.coupon_info.discount_info.discount_A number The amount of discount, such as 5.1%, is 5100
coupon.coupon_info.discount_info.discount_fee number Less amount, expressed in points
coupon.coupon_info.receive_info.start_time number Collection Start Time
coupon.coupon_info.receive_info.end_time number End of collection
coupon.coupon_info.receive_info.limit_A_one_person number Number of claims
coupon.coupon_info.receive_info.total_A number Total issued
coupon.coupon_info.valid_info.valid_type number Validity Type, 1: Product Specified Time Interval, 2: Effective Days
coupon.coupon_info.valid_info.valid_day_A number Days of entry into force
coupon.coupon_info.valid_info.start_time number Entry into force
coupon.coupon_info.valid_info.end_time number Effective end time
coupon.status number Coupon status
coupon.create_time number Create time
coupon.update_time number Update time