# Get orders by promoter

# Interface call request specification

Http request method: POST
https://api.weixin.qq.com/shop/order/get_list_by_Finder? Access _Token = xxxxxxxxx

# Request parameters

    "start_pay_time": "2020-03-25 12:05:25",
    "end_pay_time": "2020-04-25 12:05:25",
    "promoter_id":"PROMOTER_ID",//Promoter Unique ID 
    "page": 1,
    "page_size": 10

# Return Package Example

            "out_order_ID ":" xxxx ",
                "product_Infos ":[
                        "title": "title,"
                    "pay_Method ":" WeChat Pay "
                    "prepay_time":"2020-03-25 14:04:25",
                    "pay_time":"2020-03-25 14:05:25",
                    "additional_remarks": "Taxes"
    "total_in a":20

# Request Parameter Dxplaination

parameter type Required Required Introductions
start_pay_time string no Start Time of Order Payment Time
end_pay_time string no End Time of Order Payment Time
promoter_id string yes The unique ID of the promoter, which is recommended
page number yes Page number (1 minimum)
page_size number yes Number of pages(Not exceeding 100)

# Return parameter specification

parameter type Introductions
Errcode string Error code
errmsg string Error message
orders[].order_id number(uint64) Trading Component Platform Order ID
orders[].out_order_id string Merchant Custom Order ID
orders[].status number Order Status
orders[].path string The page path of the order, for the micro-channel side order center jump
orders[].order_detail.promotion_Info.finder_nickname string Promotional Video Number Nickname
orders[].order_detail.promotion_info.promoter_id string Promoter Unique ID
orders[].order_detail.product_infos[].out_product_id string Custom Product ID
orders[].order_detail.product_infos[].out_sku_id string Merchant custom product skuID, fill-in string if the product_No sku under id.
orders[].order_detail.product_infos[].product_cnt number Number of purchases
orders[].order_detail.product_infos[].sale_price number The selling price (unit: points) of the item at the time of generating this order may not match the price of the uploaded item interface
orders[].order_detail.product_infos[].real_price number Average price per unit sku (unit: cents) after deduction of discount, if no discount, with sale_Price consistency
orders[].order_detail.product_infos[].path number Bound Mini Program product path
orders[].order_detail.product_infos[].head_image number Header Map of Goods at Order Generation
orders[].order_detail.product_infos[].title number Title of the item when the order is generated
orders[].order_detail.pay_info.pay_method_type number 0: WeChat Pay, 1: Cash on delivery, 2: Merchant membership card (default 0)
orders[].order_detail.pay_info.prepay_id string Pre-payment ID
orders[].order_detail.pay_info.prepay_time string Prepayment Time (get prepay)_Time (id)
orders[].order_detail.pay_info.transaction_id string Payment ID
orders[].order_detail.pay_info.pay_time string Payment time (get the transaction)_Time (id)
orders[].order_detail.price_info.freight number Freight (in cents)
orders[].order_detail.price_info.order_price number The final amount of the order paid (in cents)_price = Total price of goods + freight + additional_price - discounted_price
orders[].order_detail.price_info.discounted_price number Preferential amount (unit: points)
orders[].order_detail.price_info.additional_price number Additional amount (in cents)
orders[].order_detail.price_info.additional_remarks string Additional Amount Remarks
orders[].order_detail.delivery_detail.delivery_type number Delivery Type
orders[].order_detail.delivery_detail.finish_all_delivery number Whether shipment is complete
orders[].order_detail.delivery_detail.delivery_list[].delivery_id string Express company ID, obtained by getting the list of express companies
orders[].order_detail.delivery_detail.delivery_list[].waybill_id string Tracking number
total_A number Total orders