# Notice of Product System Removal

If you receive a callback from the system, please refer to the review reason returned, modify the product information, and resubmit the review.

# Request Parameter Sample

    <reject_reason>Xxx reason</reject_reason>  

# Return Package Example


# Request Parameter Dxplaination

parameter type Introductions
ToUserName string Merchant applet name
FromUserName string WeChat team OpenID(Fixed value)
CreateTime number Time of event, Unix timestamp
MsgType string Message type, fixed to event
Event string Event type, this interface is fixed to open_product_spu_status_update
OpenProductSpuAudit object Subject of event
OpenProductSpuAudit.out_product_id string Merchant custom product id
OpenProductSpuAudit.product_id number Platform product id
OpenProductSpuAudit.status number 13, system down, 5, back up.
OpenProductSpuAudit.reject_reason string Relevant information

# Return parameter specification

Just return the string directlysuccess