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Windows 64-bit/Windows 32-bit/Mac OS

For Windows, only supports Windows 7 and above.


  1. F Fixed an exception caused by wxml compilation failure on Windows 32-bit with version 1.02.1809101 Feedback Details


  1. A Add Mini Program Cloud Base Details
  2. F Fix a flash and black screen issue on some Windows machines when clicking preview for the first time
  3. F Fix an issue occurred in the switch case with a negative value in WXS Feedback Details
  4. F Fix an issue where you cannot debug the customer service button Feedback Details
  5. F Fix an issue of empty appid obtained by wx.getAccountInfoSync after developer tools call Feedback Details
  6. F Fix an issue where calling wx.getAccountInfoSync from a third-party platform doesn't return extAppId Feedback Details
  7. F Fix an issue of invalid pre-process command before compilation Feedback Details
  8. F Fix an issue where the Mini Program cannot be launched if "packOptions.ignore" specifies the file in the Mini program directory Feedback Details

Additional update notes to Beta users (additional updates to Beta version of tools) :

  1. A Add Mini Game Cloud Base QuickStart
  2. F Fixed an issue where longitude and latitude are displayed in reverse in the database of Cloud Base console Feedback Details

Update history log

Update history log