Shake Nearby error codes and descriptions are as follows:

Error Code Description
-1 System is busy. Try again later.
0 Request successful
9001001 Invalid POST data parameter
9001002 Unavailable remote service
9001003 Invalid ticket
9001004 Failed to get the user information via Shake Nearby
9001005 Failed to get the merchant information
9001006 Failed to get the OpenID
9001007 Uploaded file is missing
9001008 The file type of uploaded asset is invalid
9001009 The file size of uploaded asset is invalid
9001010 Upload failed
9001020 Invalid account
9001022 The number of devices requested must be greater than 0
9001023 The application for the device ID is already under review
9001024 Up to 50 device IDs can be queried at a time
9001025 Invalid device ID
9001026 Invalid page ID
9001027 Invalid page parameter
9001028 Up to 10 page IDs can be delete at a time
9001029 The page has been linked to the device. It cannot be deleted unless unlinked from the device.
9001030 Up to 50 page IDs can be queried at a time
9001031 Invalid time period
9001032 The parameter used to save the linking relationship between device and page is invalid
9001033 Invalid shop ID
9001034 Device remarks exceed the limit
9001035 Invalid device application parameter
9001036 Invalid begin value
9001037 Up to 30 pages can be linked to a single device
9001038 The total number of devices exceeds the limit
9001039 Invalid contact name
9001040 Invalid phone number of contact
9001041 Invalid email of contact
9001042 Invalid industry ID
9001043 Invalid qualification document URL. The document needs to be uploaded using the "Media Asset Management" API.
9001044 Lack of qualification document
9001045 The reason for application cannot exceed 500 characters
9001046 The Official Account is not verified
9001047 Invalid device application batch ID
9001048 If the review status is "Under review" or "Approved", the application request cannot be submitted again.
9001049 Failed to obtain group metadata
9001050 Up to 100 groups can be included in an account
9001051 Up to 10,000 devices can be included in a group
9001052 Up to 1,000 devices can be added to the group at a time
9001053 Up to 1,000 devices can be deleted from the group at a time
9001054 The group to be deleted still includes devices
9001055 The length of group name exceeds the upper limit of 100 characters
9001056 The device list to be added or deleted includes the device ID that does not belong to the group
9001057 Failed to perform operations on group related information
9001058 The group ID does not exist
9001059 Template page logo_url is empty
9001060 Failed to create a red packet campaign
9001061 Failed to obtain the ID of red packet campaign
9001062 Failed to create template page
9001063 The Official Account IDs of the red packet provider and the red packet issuer are different
9001064 Red packet permission review rejected
9001065 Red packet permissions are being reviewed
9001066 Red packet permissions are canceled
9001067 No red packet permissions
9001068 Red packet campaign is not included in the validity period of red packet permission
9001069 Failed to set red packet campaign switch
9001070 Failed to obtain the information of red packet campaign
9001071 Failed to query red packet ticket
9001072 The number of red packet tickets exceeds the limit
9001073 Sponsor_appid is inconsistent with wxappid when pre-ordering
9001074 Failed to obtain red packet sending ID
9001075 The total number of red packets entered in the campaign exceeds the preset total number when the campaign was created
9001076 Failed to add red packet sending ID
9001077 Failed to decode red packet sending ID
9001078 Failed to obtain the Official Account uin
9001079 The appid called by this API is inconsistent with the appid called by the "Create Red Packet Campaign" API
9001090 All tickets entered are invalid, which may be because the ticket is re-used or expired, or the amount is not between 1-1000 CNY.
9001091 The campaign has expired