Weixin Scan Error Code

Error Code Description
-1 System is busy. Try again later.
40001 Unable to get access_token due to incorrect AppSecret, or access_token is invalid.
47001 An error occurred while parsing JSON/XML
48001 Failed to access the API. Check whether the Official Account is authorized with the permission.
61300 Invalid base_info
61301 Invalid detail_info
61302 Invalid action_info
61303 Product information does not exist.
61304 Invalid product in action_info
61305 Invalid keystand or keystr. According to EAN-13, the encoded content must fall within the merchant barcode segment.
61306 Invalid appid in action_info
61307 Invalid cardid in action_info
61308 base_info does not exist
61309 Detail_info does not exist
61310 Action_info does not exist
61311 Invalid media in action_info
61312 Image size exceeds the limit.
61313 Image is invalid or is not Base-64 encoded.
61314 Invalid ExtInfo
61316 Barcode conflicts. The created barcode already exists.
61317 Invalid ticket
61319 Invalid merchant category ID
61320 Merchant's global information does not exist.
61322 Merchant has no permission for this product category.
61323 Merchant has no permission for this barcode.
61324 The number of service columns in the service promotion area exceeds the limit.
61334 Product information does not exist.
61337 Product information already exists.
61341 The number of people in the whitelist exceeds the limit.
61342 Keystandard does not match the one you entered during creation.
61343 Invalid Keystandard
61345 Invalid code in action_info
61346 Invalid store in action_info
61347 Invalid media in action_info
61348 Invalid text in action_info
63154 Invalid product status
63155 Invalid homepage color
63156 Invalid brand tag
63157 Invalid product recommendation settings. Recommended products must also come from this account and be published.
63158 The total number of products exceeds the upper limit of 100,000.
63159 The suggested retail price is empty. The suggested retail price is required when the purchase channel (including Weixin eShop and e-commerce link) is not set.
63160 Invalid price information. Enter numbers in retail_price and sale_price.
63161 The number of components in the component area exceeds the limit, and each component must be unique in this area.
63162 Invalid native_show in the anti-counterfeit component
63163 No anti_fake_url in the anti-counterfeit component
63164 Invalid component type in the component area
63166 Product is under review. Unable to update, delete, or unpublish it.
63167 Product is not published. Unable to unpublish it.
63168 Product is rejected. Unable to unpublish it.
63169 Product is published. Unable to publish it again.
63170 The banner and media types cannot be set at the same time in action_info.
63171 Only one card type is allowed in action_info.
63172 Only one user type is allowed in action_info.
63173 Only one text type is allowed in action_info.
63174 At most 3 entries (whether it is of link, card or user type) can be set in action_info.
63175 You must add either product information or article details in the product details page.