Features Overview

"Mini Program Data Assistant" is an official Mini Program published by the WeChat Official Account Platform. It supports developers and operational staff to check the operational data of their own Mini Programs. Scan the Mini Program code below to try it now.

The current functions of "Mini Program Data Assistant" include data overview, access analysis (user trends, page details, sources analysis, retention analysis, and duration analysis), real-time statistics, and user portraits (age, gender, location, mobile terminal model). The data is the same as that of the Mini Program's standard backend analysis.

See Standard Analytics for detailed data descriptions


Mini Program administrator: Open "Mini Program Data Assistant" to select the bound Mini Program data to view.

Other WeChat users: The Mini Program data can be accessed after being authorized by the administrator.

Administrator authorization

  1. Tap on the top-left menu and select "Authorization" from the navigation page;
  2. Enter the WeChat ID in the search box or select from the Mini Program developers/testers and tap "Authorize";
  3. After successful authorization, the authorized user receives a templated message notification;

Cancel administrator authorization

  1. Tap on the top-left menu and select "Authorization" from the navigation page;
  2. In the list of authorized users, swipe left to cancel authorization. After authorization is canceled, the user is no longer authorized to view Mini Program data.

Mini Program data inquiry authorization can also be handled through the "User status" settings in the backend. When the "Data analysis" box is checked, users can use the Mini Program Data Assistant. If the maximum limit is exceeded, you can cancel some users' authorization and try again.

Switch to view the data of different Mini Programs

If you are the administrator of multiple Mini Programs, or have authorization to view the data of multiple Mini Programs, you can switch to view them in the Mini Program Data Assistant.

  1. When you first open Mini Program Data Assistant, just select a Mini Program from the list;
  2. Tap the top-left menu and select "Switch" from the navigation page, then select again from the list.