Materials Management

Materials Management enables you to activate the features of Tencent Cloud's Cloud Object Storage (COS) and Content Distribution Network (CDN) with just one click:

  • Supports uploading materials from WeChat Developer Tools to Tencent Cloud;
  • Provides temporary domain names for debugging during the development process;
  • Provides simple Page Management and upload of your materials;
  • Provides an amount of free quotas for development and debugging;


  • Cloud Object Storage (COS): A distributed storage service offered by Tencent Cloud for enterprises and individual developers to store huge amounts of data. Users can store and process your massive data in batch through the Internet at any time.
  • Content Distribution Network (CDN): The acceleration capacity in distribution and processing of static content (such as web page styles, pictures, and small files) offered by Tencent Cloud for business scenarios such as portals, e-commerce, and UGC communities. This greatly reduces site response time, achieves seconds-level loading of complex content, and significantly improves user experience of the website.
  • Downstream traffic of the public network: Refers to the traffic generated by directly downloading objects through the link to the object domain name or browsing objects through static web addresses.
  • CDN origin traffic: The traffic that generated from the distribution and synchronization of the files stored on the COS to the CDN, which will be completed automatically.
  • Acceleration domain name: After the CDN acceleration is activated, Tencent Cloud will generate a CDN accelerated domain name for developers to use by default. The domain name provides direct access to the materials uploaded by the developers. If developers want to use the 50 GB/month free traffic for the first 6 months after the activation, they are required to bind their own registered domain name. See details at.

Free Quotas

  • Cloud Object Storage (COS): Monthly free resources include: 50 GB storage space, 10 GB downstream traffic of the public network, 10 GB Tencent Cloud CDN origin traffic, 1 million read requests, and 1 million write requests, click for more information.
  • Content Distribution Network (CDN): Users who have newly activated CDN will receive a 50 GB traffic package from Tencent Cloud for free every month within 6 months after the activation. In addition, users can enjoy a 10 GB traffic package every month after accessing the accelerated domain name. After accessing the accelerated domain name, the package will be issued to your account on the 1st of each month. Click for more information.


Both Cloud Object Storage (COS) and Content Distribution Network (CDN) are postpaid products. When the service is activated, the user agrees to use the paid service without interrupting the current service. When the free-of-charge traffic is expired/expiring, you are prompted to take note of the usage and system push messages. This ensures you will not be charged without your knowledge.

For related charges, please see the following documents:

Product Description

  1. Cloud Object storage (COS). Click for more information.
  2. Content Distribution Network (CDN). Click for more information.

How to activate

1. Log in to Tencent Cloud after authorized by the WeChat Official Account Platform

If you have not granted the Mini Program access to the Tencent Cloud, you need to go to WeChat Official Account Platformto register and log in to the Mini Program. Follow the steps below:

  • Click "Settings" in the left menu bar.
  • Click "Developer Toolkit" in the Tab bar on the right.
  • Click "Tencent Cloud" to enter the Tencent Cloud Tools page, and click "Activate".
  • Grant the Mini Program access to the Tencent Cloud by scanning QR code of the WeChat whose ID is bound to the Mini Program. After activation, you will be directed to the WeChat Mini Program console on the Tencent Cloud. When it indicates the state as activated, you can proceed with the operation.

Enter WeChat Official Account Platform backend

Activate Tencent Cloud

2. Go to Tencent Cloud to activate Materials Management services

  • Click the "Backstage Management" button under the "Tencent Cloud" logo to enter the Tencent Cloud's management page.
  • Go to the Mini Games service page, and click "Activate Service"

Click the backend management button

Activate the material management service

Note: After the administrator of the Mini Program jumps to the Tencent Cloud's management page in the mp management backstage, type in your browser's address bar to jump to the activation page.