To help developers efficiently develop and debug Mini Programs and make the process simple, we have rolled out the brand-new WeChat Developer Tool based on existing debugging tools on the Official Accounts page, which integrates two developer modes for Official Accounts page debugging and Mini Program debugging.

  • With the Official Accounts page debugging, developers can debug WeChat page authorizations and "JS-SDK" Details
  • With Mini Program debugging, developers can develop, debug, edit and review the code of the Mini Program's APIs and pages, as well as previewing and launching Mini Programs, and so on.

For a better development experience, we have rolled out version 1.0.0, an upgraded developer tool that offers better visual effects, interaction, performance, etc. for developers.


Two auxiliary features have been added for developers based on existing features:

  1. Use Tencent Cloud for fast deployment of backend runtime environments for Mini Programs; Details
  2. Request for test report to see the actual performance and results of running a Mini Program on real mobile devices.

qcloudqcloud testtest

Note: Requesting for test reports will take up resources on testing machines, so an "APPID" can only request for 1 test report per day.