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# View Containers

Name Function explaination
cover-image Picture view overlaid on native component
cover-view Text view overlaid on native component
match-media media query Matching detection node
movable-area movable-view
movable-view Removable view container that you can drag and slide across the page
page-container Page Container
scroll-view Scrollable view area
share-element Shared element
swiper Slider View Container
swiper-item Only can be placed inswiper component, width and height are automatically set to 100%
view View container

# Basic Components

Name Function explaination
icon icon
progress Progress bar
rich-text Rich text
text text

# Form Components

Name Function explaination
button Button
checkbox Multi-choice items
checkbox-group Multiple selector, internally composed of multiplecheckbox
editor Rich text editor, images, text can be edited
form form
input Input box
keyboard-accessory Set up input / textarea Focus above the keyboard cover-view / cover-image Toolbar view
label Used to improve the usability of form components
picker Rolling selector that pops up from the bottom
picker-view Embedded page scrolling selector
picker-view-column Scroll selector subitems
radio Single item
radio-group Single selector, internally composed of multiple radio composition
slider Slide selector
switch Switch selector
textarea Multiline input box
Name Function explaination
functional-page-navigator Valid only in plugins for jumping to plugins feature pages
navigator Page link

# Media Components

Name Function explaination
audio audio frequency
camera System camera
image picture
live-player Real-time audio and video playback (v2.9.1 Rise support Same-layer rendering
live-pusher Real-time audio and video recording (v2.9.1 Rise support Same-layer rendering
video Video (v2.4.0 Rise support Same-layer rendering
voip-room Multiplayer audio and video dialogue

# map

Name Function explaination
map Map (v2.7.0 Rise support Same-layer rendering, related api wx.createMapContext

# canvas

Name Function explaination
canvas canvas

# Open ability

Name Function explaination
web-view Container for hosting web pages
ad Banner Advertising
ad-custom Native template Advertising
official-account Official Account message template Focus Components
open-data Used to show WeChat open data

# Native Components

Name Function explaination
native-component Some of the components in the Mini Program are native components created by the client

# Accessibility

Name Function explaination
aria-component To meet the needs of visually impaired people for access to Mini Programs
Name Function explaination
navigation-bar Page navigation bar configuration node for specifying some properties of navigation bar

# Page Property Configuration Node

Name Function explaination
page-meta Page property configuration node, used to specify some properties of the page, monitor page events