Common Rejections of Weixin Mini Programs

​In addition to this document, developers shall comply with Weixin Mini Programs Platform Service Terms and any applicable rules and policies published by Tencent.

# 1. Basic Account Information

# 1.1 The name, description, logo, service scope, service tag, and basic account information of your Mini Program shall not:

​(1) Infringe on others' rights and interests (copyright, trademark right, portraiture right, reputation right, etc.), including but not limited to using or containing any brands, trademarks, logos or other contents that do not belong to the Mini Program entity, or similar contents, information, and special marks. Please make sure that your Mini Program name and description do not involve the rights and interests of users other than the account owner.

​(2) Contain commercial terms, names of popular Mini Programs, words forbidden by the new Advertising Law (such as "national-level" or "the best"), or other irrelevant words.

(3) Contain any politically sensitive, lewd, violence or terror-related contents or any other contents forbidden by laws and regulations.

# 1.2 Special Rules

# 1.2.1 Mini Program name and description:

(1) The Mini Program description should clearly describes the features of the Mini Program, and should not use vague expressions, such as "...designed to enhance the users' lifestyle" or "...improve users' shopping experience". Please ensure your Mini Program's key features can be abstracted from the description.

(2) The Mini Program name and description should be associated and consistent with each other in terms of the meaning and messages they convey, should be relevant to the Mini Program features, and should not contain any hot search keywords irrelevant to its features. Please ensure that your Mini Program name or part of the name can be found in the description.

​(3) Your Mini Program should not be named a generalized category (such as "Telephone", "Mail", "Calendar", or "Mini Game"), a generic game name (such as "Poker" or "Mahjong"), or other commonly used and non-distinguishable words. The name must be a combination of more than two words. Some degree of subjective judgment is allowed for evaluators in special cases.

(1) Any Mini Program with an unclear logo image will be rejected, such as if the elements (text, objects, shapes, etc.) in the image are illegible and unrecognizable.

​(2) The Mini Program logo should be in line with its name and description.

(3) The Mini Program logo shall not contain the Tencent, Weixin, or other brand logos.

# 1.2.3 Mini Program's service scope and service tag:

​The service tag set for the Mini Program should be consistent with the selected service scope. The service tag should not be beyond the service scope. Rejection Example: The service scope is housekeeping, but the service tag is food.

# 2. Service Category Evaluation

​Service Category refers to the industry category selected in the platform's categorization table based on the type and scope of the services provided by the Mini Program.

# 2.1 The Mini Program's service categories should match the services it provides.

​2.1.1 The content of the service category page of the Mini Program must be consistent with the service categories.

​2.1.2 Ensure that users can access the service categories directly on this page without being redirected.

2.1.3 Select the service categories carefully based on the scope of services provided by the Mini Program. Once the game category is selected, it cannot be changed to other categories.

​A Mini Program will be rejected in the following cases:

​(1) The link to the Mini Program service category page cannot be opened normally.

​(2) The link to the Mini Program service category page is loaded with illegal information.

​(3) The link to the Mini Program service category page is loaded with malicious and lewd advertisements.

​(4) The link to the Mini Program service category page is loaded with contents infringing others' rights and interests; commercial terms, names of popular Mini Programs, words forbidden by the new Advertising law (such as "national-level" or "the best"), or other irrelevant words; or any politically-sensitive, lewd, violence or terror-related content or any other content forbidden by laws and regulations.

# 3. General Evaluation Guidelines of Mini Programs

# 3.1 Evaluation of basic features

​3.1.1 The Mini Program features should be consistent with the description. Note: The features should include, but not be limited, the features abstracted from the description.

​3.1.2 All the service categories of the Mini Program must be accessible from the Mini Program's homepage. This means that the service category page referred to in "2. Service Category Evaluation" can be accessed by users directly or through two clicks.

​3.1.3 The Mini Program shall not provide any service beyond the service categories supported by the platform.

​3.1.4 If the Mini Program has any hidden or paid features (e.g. features only visible to users who top up funds or have memberships), such features shall not contain any lewd, violent, politically sensitive or illegal content, and need to be fully presented and tested with the testing account provided by the developer.

​3.1.5 The Mini Program's features should have utility, and should not be rendered by just a simple element, like a single page or a single button.

​3.1.6 Without the authorization of Tencent, any features same as or similar to those of Weixin are not allowed in the Mini Program. For example, a Mini Program cannot contain such features like Moments and Message in a Bottle.

3.1.7 Without the authorization of Tencent, a Mini Program shall not display and recommend any third-party Mini Programs by such means as providing the navigation link or recommendation link to such Mini Programs, or providing the Mini Program ranking list.

​3.1.8 The use of a Mini Program should not be on the condition that another Mini Program or Official Account must be used or followed. (e.g. A user cannot use Mini Program A unless they use Mini Program B at the same time.)

# 3.2 Mini Program Page Content Evaluation

​3.2.1 The Mini Programs with incentivizing content will be rejected, including but not limited to Mini Programs that incentivize shares, adds, Official Accounts follows and downloads; that cannot be used until users share, add, follow or download the Programs; that contain text, images, buttons, flyouts or pop-up windows incentivizing sharing explicitly or implicitly; that incentivize sharing or disseminating by offering rewards; or that use exaggerated words to urge, induce or force users to share or add the Programs.

​3.2.2 Any Mini Programs mainly consisting of contents for marketing or advertising purpose (blank ads spaces, investment ads) will be rejected. Such contents include floating ads, ads occupying more than 50% of the page, and ads blocking out the Mini Program features.

​3.2.3 Any Mini Program with misleading or horrific contents, or contents that seriously compromise user experience or damage users' interests will be rejected.

​3.2.4 The Mini Program pages shall not contain quiz for fortune-telling, horoscope, etc.

​3.2.5 The Mini Program pages shall not contain false or fraudulent contents, including but not limited to the contents related to false red packets or campaigns, contents promoting or selling products that infringe others' rights and interests, contents imitating Tencent's or any other party's services, and other contents or services that may cause confusion of Weixin users.

​3.2.6 The Mini Program pages shall not contain or disseminate any harassing contents, ads or junk information.

​3.2.7 The Mini Program pages shall not contain any contents violating any service agreement or platform agreement signed with Tencent.

​3.2.8 A Mini Program will be rejected if it contains any contents that publish, transmit, disseminate or store the information violating laws and regulations or if it: Contains any contents that oppose basic principles established by the Constitution, endanger national security, disclose state secrets, subvert state power, sabotage national unity, and damage national honor and interests;

​ Contains false, fraudulent or deceptive information;

​ Organizes, encourages or instigates crimes or acts that go against good customs of the society;

​ Contains any contents prohibited by laws and regulations;

  ​ Contains anti-government/anti-society contents or the contents related to non-mainstream politics or prohibited by laws, or inflammatory political comments, rumors or the information disrupting social order and undermining social stability;

  ​ Contains lewd contents (clear description or display of sexual organs or behaviors for arousing sexual desire but not related to aesthetics), or information suspected of disseminating lewd or seductive content (including sexually suggestive or seductive images), or contents involving illegal prostitution trade;

  ​ Contains any contents inciting ethnic hatred and ethnic discrimination, damaging ethnic relationships, undermining the national religious policy, and promoting heresies and superstitions;

  ​ Contains images showing the people or animals being killed, maimed, shot, pricked or otherwise injured, or any contents describing violence or child abuse, propagating violence, spreading insulting information/slanders or infringing others' legitimate rights and interests.

  ​ Contains any contents related to gambling, puzzle prizes and lotteries. If a game Mini Program provides virtual items and value-added services based on random selection, it shall not incentivize users to invest in legal tender or virtual currency for participation in the game. Contains any contents inducing minors to violate ethics or laws or harming minors' physical and mental health.

3.2.9 Any Mini Program images shall not contain advertisements, websites or false content.

3.2.10 Without the consent and authorization of users, a Mini Program shall not post, send or forward any contents on behalf of users.

​3.2.11 The providers of Mini Program services shall have the measures for filtering out inappropriate contents in place. For example, setting up filter for the words suspected of violating laws and regulations, such as lewd or gambling-related words.

3.2.12 Any Mini Program pages shall not contain misleading contents that, in any manner, suggest Tencent is the operator, partner, investor or endorser of the Mini Program, for example, suggesting Tencent endorses the Mini Program's quality and services or has a partnership with the Mini Program.

# 3.3 Usability and Integrity

3.3.1 The submitted Mini Program must be the final version (instead of a test version) that can be opened and run normally. Any Mini Programs that do not work normally, that collapse or crash during running, that have unresponsive buttons or incomplete text presentation will be rejected.

3.3.2 Any Mini Programs that collapse or cause the Weixin to collapse will be rejected.

3.3.3 Any Mini Programs with major bugs (inability to add, open, return to the previous pages and exit, serious stutter, etc.) will be rejected.

3.3.4 For the Mini Programs with an account system, the account ID and password for testing all features should be submitted.

# 3.4 User Privacy and Data Security

​3.4.1 Any collection and use of user data should be subject to the consent and authorization of users and on the condition that the users have the knowledge of the purpose the data is used for. Such data should be used to the extent permitted or authorized by users. After a user unregisters their account, all the user data, including but not limited to the geographic location, directory, and phone number, should be deleted.

​3.4.2 Any Mini Program shall not request or induce users to enter Weixin IDs or passwords in any page.

3.4.3 "Search Mini Programs" option is not allowed in any Mini Program.

3.4.4 User data collected via a Mini Program may not be sold, transferred, traded, or disclosed on any Mini Program page or privately.

3.4.5 Without the authorization of users, user data such as profile photos and aliases shall not be presented to any third party.

3.4.6 Any Mini Program shall not require users to reduce security of mobile operating systems (for example, iOS jailbreaking, obtaining Android ROOT permission) before they can use some Mini Program features.

3.4.7 Any Mini Programs with any feature tracking users' geographic locations must provide the option of exiting location tracking and relevant instructions.

# 3.5 Technical Specifications

3.5.1 Mini Program documents and instructions are required.

3.5.2 Auto playback of video, music, audio and other multimedia files is not allowed.

3.5.3 Any Mini Programs that install or run other executable code will be rejected.

3.5.4 Any Mini Programs in which code is loaded or updated without permission will be rejected.

3.5.5 Any Mini Programs with an account system must provide a functional "logout" option at a noticeable position.

# 3.6 UI Specifications

​3.6.1 Mini Program UI design must conform to the WeApp UI specifications.

3.6.2 The ability to close the flyouts and pop-up windows in the Mini Program should be ensured.

3.6.3 The Mini Program UI should be in line with the Weixin appearance and features, and should not provide a user experience that changes the appearance and features of Weixin.

3.6.4 The Mini Program UI shall not contain any elements that imitate system notifications or warnings to induce tapping.

3.6.5 The Mini Program logo should have a transparent or colored background. If a white background is used, colored frame is required.

3.6.6 If required by applicable laws and regulations, special notes must be provided in the service interface. Example: In a Mini Game, the approval number, release number and copyright registration number of the game should be indicated at a noticeable position on the start page, and the "Tips to Stay Healthy While Gaming" should be provided in full.

Weixin Team