Product Positioning and Function Introduction

WeChat Mini Game is a category of Mini Program. When the user completes the Mini Program registration, he can select the "game" category and start developing and debugging the Mini Game.

Mini Game Registration

Register Mini Program Account

Click the "Register Now" button in the upper right corner on the official website of the Wechat Official Account Platform (

Select the Registered Account Type

Select "Mini Programs" and click "View Type Differences" to see the differences and advantages of different types of accounts.

Fill in Email and Password

Please fill in the email address that have not been registered for any WeChat related accounts including, but not limited to Official Account Platform, open platform (developer accounts), enterprise accounts, and personal accounts.

Activate Email

Log in the mailbox, check the activation email, and click the activation link.

Fill in the Entity Information

Click the activation link, and continue with the registration process. Please choose the entity type selection to complete the entity information and administrator information.

Select the Entity Type

The Entity types are described as follows:

Account Entity Scope
Individuals Chinese citizens with their WeChat account certified with real-name authentication.
Enterprises enterprises, branches, and enterprise related brands.
Enterprises (individual business) Individual business.
Government Domestic, all levels, various government agencies, institutions, and social organizations with administrative functions. At present, it mainly covers public security agencies, party organizations, judicial institutions, transportation agencies, tourism agencies, industrial and commercial tax authorities, and municipal institutions.
Media Newspapers, magazines, television, radio, news agencies, and more.
Other organizations Types that are not government, media, enterprise or individuals.

Fill in the Entity Information and Select the Verification Method

  • Enterprise type account can choose two main entity verification methods.
    • Method Ⅰ: You need to use the company's corporate bank account to pay Tencent to verify the identity of the entity. The detailed wire transfer information can be viewed after submitting the entity information.
    • Method Ⅱ: Verify the identity of the entity through WeChat authentication, and a 300 yuan certification fee is needed. Some functions of the Mini Program are temporarily unavailable before the verification process is finished.

  • For entities like Government, media, and other organization types, accounts must be verified through WeChat authentication. Some functions of the Mini Program are temporarily unavailable before the verification process is finished.

  • WeChat Authentication Portal: Login Mini Program - Settings - WeChat Authentication Details

Fill in the Administrator Information

Entity Information cannot be Changed after Confirmed

Click to Confirm the Completion of the Registration Process

If you choose to pay through corporate bank account, please follow the instructions on the page to remit the specified amount into the designated payment account.

Note: Please complete the wire transfer within 10 days, otherwise the registration will be expired.

For users who select WeChat Authentication portal to verify entity identity, please perform WeChat authentication as soon as possible after completing the registration process. Some functions are temporarily not available until the authentication is completed.

Information Perfection and Preparation before Development of Mini Games

Login Mini Program Management Platform

After completing the registration, log in through WeChat Official Account Platform (

Information Perfection of Mini Program

After the registration is completed, the WeChat Mini Program information perfection steps and development can be performed simultaneously.

Users who choose to pay through corporate bank account can add the Mini Program name information, upload the Mini Program profile photo, fill in the Mini Program introduction and select the service type after completing wire transfer and the validation process.

Users who choose to verify the identity of the entity through WeChat authentication must complete the WeChat authentication before they can add the Mini Program name information, upload the Mini Program profile photo, fill in the Mini Program introduction and select the service type.

The Open Capability of Mini Game Category

Mini Games are open to individuals, businesses, media, government and other organizations. Among them, the Mini Game with personal developer entity does not support the opening of virtual payment currently.

Preparation before Development

Bind Project Members

Log in the WeChat Official Account Platform to your Mini Program to go to the user identity - bind the Mini Program project members, including developers, explorers and other members.

Get AppID

Go to "Settings - Development Settings" and get the AppID information.

Code Verification and Release

Submit for Verification

Log in to the Mini Program of WeChat Official Account Platform and go to Development Management. The uploaded code will be displayed on Developed Version, and the administrator can submit it for Verification or delete the code.

Fill in Verification Information

Game Qualification Submission and Category Confirmation

Confirm the game category and submit a qualification document.

Non-individual entities are required to submit: "Approval of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television Edition Number", "Record Information of the Ministry of Culture", "Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate", "Game Self-review and Self-examination Report"

Individual entities need to submit: "Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate" and "Game Self-review and Self-examination Report"

Sandbox Account

When a sandbox account is required for the review process, the first submission of the MIni Program will be rejected. Please request the submission again, and the system will show up a new portal with requests for sandbox account details. Sandbox account details are used by reviewers for reviewing and testing purposes.

Complete Submission

After the submission for verification is completed, the verification progress will be displayed in the verifying version module on the development management page.


Code Release

After the code is approved, the developer needs to manually click on the Release, and the Mini Program will be published online to provide services.


The code release button is not clickable during the internal test.

Mini Game Application for WeChat Certification

For entities of Government, media, and other organization type accounts must be verified through WeChat authentication. For enterprise type accounts, you can determine whether to apply for WeChat authentication as needed. WeChat Pay permission is available for authenticated accounts.

WeChat authentication is not supported for personal account types currently.

Authentication Portal: Login Mini Program - Settings - Basic Settings - WeChat Authentication - Details

Mini Game Application for Virtual Payment

Open WeChat Pay

  • The entity type is an individual business or enterprise certified game

  • Open WeChat Pay

Open Virtual Payment

Sign the Payment Agreement

Make sure to read the payment agreement carefully and sign the agreement

Set Deposit Withdraw Account

The transaction amount completed by the user in the Mini Game will be withdrawn to the developer's bank account after settlement.

Game Coin Management

In the game category, the game coin needs to be managed by the platform

  • Administrator authorization

  • Fill in the name of the game coin and the exchange rate

  • Game partition configuration

  • Joint debug and release

  • Application online application must be approved after submission

Payment Order Inquiry

After the virtual payment is opened, the payment order can be queried.

Associate Official Account with Mini Program

After the Official Account is associated with the Mini Program, the Mini Program can be used in functions such as graphic messages, custom menus, and template messages.

Association rules:

  1. All Official Accounts can be associated with Mini Programs.
  2. An Official Account can be associated with up to 10 Mini Programs of the same entity, and up to 3 Mini Programs of different entities.
  3. A Mini Program can be associated with up to 500 Official Accounts.
  4. The Official Account can be added to the associated Mini Program 13 times a month, and the Mini Program can be added with association 500 times in a month.

Association Process:

Login to the Official Account background - Mini Program- Mini Program Management - Add - Associate Mini Program