# video-swiper

Video sliding toggle components, can be similar to micro as the unlimited video list effect.

# install

npm install @ miniprogram-component-plus/video-swiper

On the page page.json in

// page.json
    "usingComponents": {
        "mp-video-swiper": @ miniprogram-component-plus/video-swiper"

# Instructions

video-list The length should not be less than 3 When scrolling to the first or last item, the loop enters. adopt setData change The video-list is appended directly to the previous video source. Wiretap bindchange Event gets current by scrolling to that video, activeId Unique for video source id。

# List of properties

attribute type Default values Required Introductions
duration number 500 no Slide animation duration
easing-function string default no Toggle Slow Animation Type
loop boolean true no Whether or not to cycle
video-list Array VideoSwiperItem [] true Video source
bindchange eventhandle no Triggered upon completion of the slide switch, and.detail={activeId}
bindplay eventhandle no start/Triggered on continued playback, and.detail={activeId}
bindpause eventhandle no Triggered when play is paused, and.detail={activeId}
bindended eventhandle no Triggered at the end of playback, and.detail={activeId}
bindtimeupdate eventhandle no Triggered when play progress changes, event.detail = {currentTime, duration, activeId}
bindwaiting eventhandle no Triggered when the video appears buffered, and.detail={activeId}
binderror eventhandle no Triggered when a video playback error occurs, and.detail={activeId}
bindprogress eventhandle no Triggered when the loading progress changes. Only one section of loading is supported. event.detail={buffered, activeId}
bindloadedmetadata eventhandle no Triggered when the video metadata is loaded. event.detail={width, height, duration, activeId}

# VideoSwiperItem List of properties

attribute Introductions
id Unique for each video source id
url Video playback address
objectFit When the video size is video Video presentation when container sizes are inconsistent
attribute Introductions
contain Contain
fill Fill
cover cover
attribute Introductions
default Default retarding function
linear Linear animation
easeInCubic Slow animation
easeOutCubic Slow-out animation
easeInOutCubic Slow in and slow out animation

# sample code

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