# Introduction to the WeUI Component Library

This is a set of style-based librariesweui-wxssThe development of Mini Program expansion component library, with WeChat original visual experience consistent with the UI components library, WeChat official design team and Mini Program team for WeChat Mini Program tailored to the design, so that users use perception more unified.

SupportExtended libraryIntroduced without occupying a small package volume.

# Background of the project

With the popularity of Mini Programs, WeChat has many internal Mini Programs in the development, Every Mini Program needs to be developed from zero to one, and in this process, there are a lot of UI interaction is repeated, in addition, WeChat has a set of H5 version of the WeUI style library. Overall, we developed a Mini Program version of the UI component library based on the WeUI style library. In a number of internal Mini Program projects have been using OK, we open source this set of components library for external developers can also use, welcome to Star and mention Issue.Project address

More weui Component library related documentation can be viewed weui file

# Online preview

Scan the widget code below to preview the component library