Scene value list

For a detailed explaination of the scene values and how to obtain them, refer to Guide - Scenario Values

Scene Value ID Introductions Legend
1000 Other /
1001 The main entry of the discovery bar Mini Program,Recent useList of base libraries from version 2. 2. 4My little program.List) /
1005 WeChat home page top search box search results page check
1006 Find bar Mini Program main entry search box search results page check
1007 Mini Program message cards in single chat sessions check
1008 Mini Program message card in group chat session check
1010 favorites folder check
1011 Scan QR code check
1012 Long press the picture to identify the two-dimensional code check
1013 Scan the QR code selected in the phone album check
1014 Mini Program subscription message (same as 1107) check
1017 Go to the entry page for the Mini Program experience check
1019 WeChat wallet (WeChat client version 7.0.0 changed to payment entrance) check
1020 Official Account message template profile List of page related Mini Programs (deprecated) check
1022 Chat at the top of the top Mini Program entry (WeChat client version 6.6.1 abandoned) /
1023 Android desktop icon check
1024 Mini Program profile page check
1025 Scan one-dimensional code check
1026 The main entry of the discovery bar Mini Program,Nearby Mini Programlist check
1027 WeChat home top search box search results pageUsed Mini Programlist check
1028 My bag. check
1029 Mini Program card coupon details page check
1030 Open Mini Program under automated testing /
1031 Long press the picture to identify one-dimensional code check
1032 Scan the 1D code selected in the phone album check
1034 WeChat payment completion page check
1035 Official Account message template Custom menu check
1036 App Share Message Card check
1037 Mini Program open Mini Program check
1038 Back from another Mini Program check
1039 Shake the TV check
1042 Add a friend search box to the search results page check
1043 Official Account message template Template message check
1044 belt shareTicket Mini Program Message Card details check
1045 Circle of friends advertising check
1046 Circle of friends advertising details page check
1047 Scan Mini Program code check
1048 Long press the picture recognition Mini Program check
1049 Scan mobile phone album selected Mini Program code check
1052 List of Stores Available for Card Vouchers check
1053 Search the results page check
1054 Top search box Mini Program shortcut entry (WeChat client version 6.7.4 abandoned) /
1056 Chat top music player top right menu check
1057 Bank card details page in wallet check
1058 Official Account message template article check
1059 Experience version of the Mini Program binding invitation page /
1060 WeChat payment completion page (same as 1034) /
1064 WeChat home page with Wi-Fi status bar check
1065 URL scheme [details]((open-ability/(url-scheme)) /
1067 Official Account message template Article advertising check
1068 Nearby Mini Program list ad (deprecated) /
1069 Mobile application through open SDK into WeChat, open the Mini Program check
1071 Bank card list page in wallet check
1072 QR code collection page check
1073 Mini Program message card under customer service message list check
1074 Official Account message template Mini Programs message card issued by conversation check
1077 Shake the perimeter check
1078 WeChat connect Wi-Fi success tips page check
1079 WeChat Game Center check
1081 The text chain of customer service message check
1082 Official Account message template Text chain under conversation check
1084 Circle of friends advertising original page check
1088 Session to view system messages, open the Mini Program /
1089 WeChat chat main interface pull down,Recent useColumn (base library version 2.2.4 containsMy little program.Column) check
1090 Long press the top right corner of the Mini Program menu to call out the recent use history check
1091 Official Account message template Article merchandise card check
1092 City Service Entrance check
1095 Mini Program advertising component check
1096 Chat logs, open the Mini Program check
1097 WeChat payment signing original page, open the Mini Program check
1099 Page Embedded Plugin /
1100 Red envelope cover details page open Mini Program check
1101 Remote debugging hot updates developer tools, preview -> Automatic preview -> Compile and preview) check
1102 Official Account message template profile Page Service Preview check
1103 The main entry of the discovery bar Mini Program,My little program.List (base library 2.2.4 version obsolete) /
1104 WeChat chat main interface pull down,My little program.Column (deprecated from base library version 2.2.4) /
1106 Chat main interface drop-down, from the top of the search results page, open the Mini Program /
1107 Subscribe to the message, open the Mini Program /
1113 Android phone negative one screen, open the Mini Program (Samsung) /
1114 Android phone sidebar, open the Mini Program (Samsung) /
1119 [Enterprise WeChat] workbench open Mini Program check
1120 [Enterprise WeChat] Personal information page open Mini Program check
1121 [Enterprise WeChat] chat add attachment box open Mini Program check
1124 Scan "one thing a code" to open the Mini Program /
1125 Long press the picture to identify "one thing one code" /
1126 Scan the selected "one thing one code" in the phone album /
1129 WeChat crawler access details /
1131 Floating window (Passive window included only from version 8.0) /
1133 Open Mini Program for hardware devices details /
1135 Mini Program profile page related Mini Program list, open Mini Program check
1144 Official Account message template article - Video patch check
1145 Discover Bar - Discover Mini Program check
1146 Geographic location information to open travel class Mini Program check
1148 Card package - transportation card, open the Mini Program /
1150 Scan the barcode results page to open the Mini Program check
1151 Discover Bar - My order. check
1152 Subscription number video open Mini Program check
1153 "Knowledge" result page opens Mini Program check
1154 Turn on "single page mode" in the circle of friends check
1155 "Single page mode" opens Mini Program check
1157 Service number conversation page open Mini Program check
1158 Group Tools open Mini Program check
1160 Cluster backlog check
1167 H5 Open Mini Program using open tab [details](https://developers.WeChat.qq.with/doc/offiaccount/OA_Web_Apps/Wechat_Open _Tag.html) /
1168 Mobile Application Direct Run Mini Program /
1169 Discover the main entrance of the Mini Program, each life service entrance (such as express service, travel service, etc.) check
1171 WeChat movement record (Android only) check
1173 Chat material to open a Mini Program details check
1175 Video Home Store Entrance check
1176 Video number live broadcast anchor open Mini Program check
1177 Video Number Live Merchandise check
1178 Open a Mini Program on your phone on your computer check
1179 #Topic page open Mini Program check
1181 Web application open PC Mini Program /
1183 PC WeChat - Mini Program panel - Discover Mini Program - search check
1185 Group announcement check
1186 Collection - notes check
1187 Floating Windows (from 8.0) check
1189 Emoji rain advertising check
1191 Video number activity check
1192 Enterprise WeChat contact profile page check
1194 URL Link details /
1195 Video number home goods tab check
1197 Video number anchor returns from live studio games check
1198 Video number start interface open games check
1203 WeChat Mini Program pressure test tool request /