Scene Values

Start from base library version 1.1.0. Please remaining backward compatible.

The currently supported scene values are:

Scene Value ID Description
1001 Main Entry of Mini Program on Discover tab
1005 Search results page of the top search box
1006 Search results page of search box on Mini Program main entry page on Discover tab
1007 Mini Program message card in single chat session
1008 Mini Program message card in group chat session
1011 Scan QR code
1012 Long tapping on the picture to identify QR code
1013 Select the QR code from the mobile phone album
1014 Mini Program template message
1017 Go to the entry page of the experience version
1019 WeChat Wallet
1020 Official Account profile page related Mini Program list
1022 Mini Program entry at the top of Chats tab
1023 Android desktop icon
1024 Mini Program profile page
1025 Scan barcode
1026 Nearby Mini Program list
1027 "Used Mini Programs" list on the search results page of top search box
1028 Cards and Offers
1029 Details page of Cards and Coupons
1030 Open the Mini Program under automated test
1031 Touch and hold the picture to identify barcode
1032 Select the barcode from the mobile phone album
1034 WeChat payment completion page
1035 Official Account custom menu
1036 Share message card on App
1037 Open a Mini Program with another Mini Program
1038 Return from another Mini Program
1039 Shake TV
1042 Search results page of Add Contacts search box
1043 Official Account template message
1044 Mini Program message card with shareTicket (Details
1045 Moments Ads
1047 Scan Mini Program code
1048 Long tapping on the picture to identify Mini Program code
1049 Select the Mini Program code from the mobile phone album
1052 List of applicable stores of cards and coupons
1053 Search results page
1054 Mini Program shortcut entry of top search box
1056 Music player menu
1057 Bank card details page in Wallet
1058 Official Account articles
1059 Invitation page bound with experienced version Mini Program
1064 Status bar of Wi-Fi via WeChat
1067 Ads on Official Account articles
1068 Ads on Nearby Mini Program list page
1069 Mobile Apps
1071 Bank card list page in the Wallet
1072 Receive Money with QR code page
1073 Mini Program message card sent in customer service message list
1074 Mini Program message card sent in Official Account session
1077 Shake Nearby
1078 Wi-Fi connection success page
1079 WeChat Game Center
1081 Text Link sent in customer service message
1082 Text Link sent in Official Account session
1089 Pull down the WeChat Chats main interface
1090 Long tapping on the upper right corner menu of the Mini Program to recall the most recent history
1091 Commodity card on Official Account articles
1092 City Service Entry
1095 Mini Program ads component
1096 Chat history
1097 WeChat payment contract page
1102 Service Preview of Service Account profile page

The above scenario values can be obtained in the App's onlaunch and onshow, and the appId of the source application, Official Account or Mini Program can also be obtained when using some scenario values. See details

Tip: Due to the limitations on Android system, currently, it is not possible to get the scene value when pressing the Home button to return to the desktop and then re-entering the Mini Program from the desktop. In this case, the last scene value will be kept.

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