# API call to city service limit page link

# 1. Calling mode

The interface request isHTTPS-POSTRequest,UTF-8Encoding, requests and corresponding parameters are supported onlyJSONData formats, All interface calls need to get the access_tokenAuthorization. Obtainaccess_tokenPlease go.Open Platform - Third Party PlatformThe pattern.

# 2. API Service Address

parameter details
Request path (URL) https://api.weixin.qq.com/cityservice/getservicepath?access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN
Method of request POST
Request content form (Content-Type) application/json

# 3. Jump City Services

# Common parameter

Field name type Required Required Introductions
page_type int yes Get the city service path type:
0 - Service home page, 1 - Home, 2 - Health code, 3 - Special page, 5 - Service List Page
src_channel int yes Jump to Source Channel:
0- Official Account message template,1- Mini Programs, 2-text messages, 3-enterprise WeChat

# Jump page: