# Official Account message template Menu bar jump to WeChat city service

# Configuration steps

  1. openOfficial Account message template Manage MP backstageAnd landed.

  2. Left menu bar slide to findMini Programs-Mini Program management

  3. to hitAdd to-Associated Mini ProgramAfter the administrator scan the code to confirm, enter the city serviceAPPID(Wx308bd2aeb83d83d3345)Send a binding invitation.

  4. After the WeChat city service administrator confirms the connection request, find it in the left menu of the MP background.Custom menuChooseJump Mini Program。 In the bound Mini Program, selectWeChat City ServicesClick OK and then clickSave and publish

# Configuration Dxplaination

  1. If you have any questions about configuration or usage, you can send an email towx_city@tencent.comCommunication.

  2. Please send an email tomichellexue@tencent.comandgavinhjgu@tencent.comFor internal backup.