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# API Details

Request parameters

Field name type Required Required Introductions
service_id Int And Service id
params String N The passthrough parameter must be a json array, with each object containing two members, key and value. The value of key is the name of the pass-through field, and value is the passthrough parameter.

For example,[{"key":"type","value":"11"}]Indicates that type = 11 is passed to a third party through the city service home page.

Limit: Maximum number of pass parameters is 10The values of key and value must be stringsThe value of key cannot be repeated. Key = city, indicating the user's city, such as Guangzhou.
city_id Int N User city id(Need to Tencent internal if the same set of coding)

Enter the example:

    " service_id":1001344,
    " params ": "[
                    { "key":"type",

Return Results

Field name type Required Required Introductions
Errcode Int And Return code
errmsg String And Return Code Description
path String And City Services Services home path
query_string String And Parameter of path
business_type String And type

Returns an example:

    “errmsg” : “成功” ,