# Open and interconnected capacity of urban services

To meet the needs of users using services in multiple scenarios, urban services provide open interconnection capabilities. Eligible businesses can be configured through MP terminal or API to achieve multi-scene jump WeChat city service limited page.

# Dxplaination of capacity

# 1. Page types supported

Currently, external business parties are supported to jump to the city service home page, health code entry page, special page, service list page and service homepage.

Page definition

  1. home page

    Refers to the city service home page, access path: open WeChat - I - pay - city service.

  2. Health Code Entry Page

    City services aggregate health code services across the country and provide access to the entrance, access path: open WeChat - I - pay - city service - health code.
    Health code entry appears automatically in a pop-up window when a specific path enters the city service. When two or more health codes are supported locally, users can switch and remember the current selected service.

  3. Featured pages:

    Refers to the popular livelihood topics of service aggregation page, access path: open WeChat - I - pay - city services - topic.
    Special topics in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and other places have been launched, for example: people's livelihood payment, pension, marriage and children, health care, travel, employment and entrepreneurship, housing settlement, entrance examination.

  4. Service list page

    Refers to the list of all services in a city under a certain category of city services, access path: open WeChat - I - pay - city services - popular services/Office hall class two.
    Each category is equipped with a service list page, for example: social security comprehensive, provident fund, medical insurance comprehensive, registered medical treatment, nucleic acid service, traffic violations, epidemic prevention inquiry, industrial and commercial market supervision, taxation, etc.

  5. Service homepage:

    Refers to the home page of the service provider in the city, which provides service introduction, service links, relevant account numbers and contact information in a structured manner.
    Services that have been settled in the city are provided with service home page, for example: National Housing Provident Fund, Nationwide Education Service, X Province Social Security Payment, City Registration Platform, Urban and Rural Residents Pension Insurance, etc.

# 2. Examples of scenarios that support jumping

Currently support the business side in a number of scenarios jump to open the city service limited page, for example: other Mini Programs jump, Official Account message template Menu jump, Official Account message template customer service/Mini Program customer service/H5 customer service scene jump, SMS jump, Android desktop open city services.

# 3. Eligible accounts can apply for this ability

The account that has entered the city service and has opened the service homepage ( Official Account message template、 Mini Program, OPEN account are supported.

# 4. Application Process

Step 1: Get Account Authorization

E-mail to wx_city@tencent.com The title format is [Application for Open Internet Capability of City Services + Subject Name + APPID]. The following information is listed in the body. Backstage staff will process and reply the result as soon as possible after receiving the email.

Application Information
Subject name
Jump scene
Jump page type
Contact Unit
Contact and telephone

Step 2: Call the interface to get the corresponding dynamic page path

adoptThe following waysCall the interface and get the corresponding dynamic page path.

Step 3: Complete configuration and test release

# 5. Calling mode

Category I:API call

Category II:MP configuration

If you have any questions, please leave a message in the WeChat open community, or contact the official WeChat City Service email. wx_city@tencent.com 。