# progress

Start from base library version 1.0.0. Please remaining backward compatible.

Progress bar. The unit of length of the component attribute defaults to px, Support incoming units from 2.4.0(rpx/px)。

attribute type Default value Required Introductions Minimum version
percent number no Percentage 0100 1.0.0
show-info boolean false no Show percentages on the right side of the progress bar 1.0.0
border-radius number/string 0 no Fillet size 2.3.1
font-size number/string 16 no Right Percent Font Size 2.3.1
stroke-width number/string 6 no Width of progress bar 1.0.0
color string #09BB07 no Progress bar color (use active Color) 1.0.0
activeColor string #09BB07 no Color of the selected progress bar 1.0.0
backgroundColor string #EBEBEB no Color of unselected progress bar 1.0.0
active boolean false no Animation of the progress bar from left to right 1.0.0
active-mode string backwards no backwards: Animation from scratchBefore: animation continues from the last ending point 1.7.0
duration number 30 no Milliseconds to increase progress by 1% 2.8.2
bindactiveend eventhandle no Animation Completion Event 2.4.1

# sample code

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