Start from base library version 1.0.0. Please remaining backward compatible.


attribute type Default value Required Introductions Minimum version
size string default no Button size 1.0.0
type string default no Style type of on 1.0.0
plain boolean false no Whether the on is hollow, the background color is transparent 1.0.0
disabled boolean false no Is it disabled? 1.0.0
loading boolean false no Does the name come with loading icon 1.0.0
form-type string no Used for form Component, click separately to trigger form Component submit/reset event 1.0.0
open-type string no WeChat open ability 1.1.0
hover-class string button-hover no Specifies the style class for which the on is pressed. when hover-class="none" There is no click state effect 1.0.0
hover-stop-propagation boolean false no Specifies whether to prevent this node's ancestor from clicking 1.5.0
hover-start-time number 20 no How long does it take to click, in milliseconds? 1.0.0
hover-stay-time number 70 no Click hold time after finger release, in milliseconds 1.0.0
long string in no Specifies the language in which user information is returned, zh_CN Simplified Chinese, en_TW Traditional Chinese, en English. 1.3.0
session-from string no Session source, open type = "contact" 1.4.0
send-message-title string Current title no In-session message card title, valid when opentype = "contact" 1.5.0
send-message-path string Current sharing path no The in-session message card is valid when it clicks the jump Mini Program path, open-type = "contact" 1.5.0
send-message-img string screenshot no Picture of in-session message card, valid when opentype = "contact" 1.5.0
app-parameter string no open APP When, to APP The parameter passed is valid when open-type = launchApp 1.9.5
show-message-card boolean false no Whether to display an in-session message card, set this parameter to True, users entering the customer service session will display "may want to send Mini Program" prompt in the lower right corner, users can click on the Mini Program can quickly send a message, open type = "contact" valid 1.5.0
bindgetuserinfo eventhandle no When the user clicks the on, the user information will be returned.[wx.getUserInfo]((wx.getUserInfo) returns consistent, open-type."getUserInfo" is valid 1.3.0
bindcontact eventhandle no Customer service message callback, valid when opentype = "contact" 1.5.0
bindgetphonenumber eventhandle no Gets the user's phone number callback, valid when open-type = getPhoneNumber 1.2.0
binderror eventhandle no A bad callback occurs when using open capabilities. Valid when open-type = launchApp 1.9.5
bindopensetting eventhandle no Callback after opening the authorization settings page, open type = openSetting 2.0.7
bindlaunchapp eventhandle no open APP Successful callback, open type = launchApp 2.4.4

size Legal value

value Introductions Minimum version
default Default Size
mini Small size

type Legal value

value Introductions Minimum version
primary green
default white
warn red

form-type Legal value

value Introductions Minimum version
submit Submit form
reset Reset Form

open-type Legal value

value Introductions Minimum version
contact Open the customer service session, if the user clicks the message card in the session and returns the Mini Program, you can start from the bindcontact To obtain specific information in the callback,explicit explanationThe Mini Program plug-in cannot be used 1.1.0
share Trigger the user to forward, recommend reading before useGuidelines for Use 1.2.0
getPhoneNumber Get the user's phone number, which can be obtained from the bind get phone number callback,explicit explanationThe Mini Program plug-in cannot be used 1.2.0
getUserInfo Get user information, which you can get from the bind get userinfo callback (The Mini Program plug-in cannot be used 1.3.0
launchApp Open the app, you can set the parameters to the app through the app-parameter attributeexplicit explanation 1.9.5
openSetting Open Authorization Settings Page 2.0.7
feedback Open the "feedback" page, users can submit feedback content and upload [journal]((wx.getLogManager), where developers can log in Mini Program management background Enter the left menu "customer service feedback" page to get feedback content 2.1.0

long Legal value

value Introductions Minimum version
in English
zh_CN Simplified Chinese
zh_TW Traditional Chinese

Bug & Tip

  1. tip: button-hover Default is{background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1) opacity: 0.7}
  2. tip: bindgetphonenumber From 1.2.0 Started support, but not available in versions below 1.5.3wx.canIUse for testing, it is recommended to use the base library version for judgment.
  3. tip: inbindgetphonenumber Called in a callback that returns encrypted information wx.login Login, may refresh the login state. At this point the server uses code In exchange for sessionKey It's not encrypted. Session Key, causing decryption to fail. Developers are advised to advance loginOr use the checkSession Perform login status checks to avoid login Refresh login status.
  4. tip: from 2.1.0 Start, button Can be embedded as a child node of a native component for use on a native assembly open-type The ability.
  5. tip: Currently set form-type of button Object in the current component form Effective. Thus, will button Is encapsulated in a custom component, and form In addition to the custom component, the button of form-type Failure.

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