# Environmental Guidelines for Online Delivery Sandboxes

In order to facilitate access to self-test business, we provide a test sandbox environment, merchants can through the following process to simulate the order, modify the order status, experience service notification.

# Access Notice

  1. This environment can only be used for testing orders, not for other purposes.
  2. To prevent user harassment, openid can only be configured as an administrator, operator, or developer of the Mini Program
  3. There is a limit on the number of calls per order, can not overtime 10 times a day
  4. Test only with the following test information!!!
    • Test capacity delivery_id="TEST"
    • Testing merchant biz_id="test_we_id"
    • Service type service. service_type=1
    • Service type service. service_name="test_service_name"

# Test Process

  1. Merchants call the API interface provided by WeChat platform to place orders, query orders, cancel orders and other operations
  2. callSimulate Update Order InterfaceTo change the status of the order, the recipient will receive the corresponding receipt, delivery, delivery notice