# Common problem

# Question 1. What is the express interface?

Express Interface is a free logistics interface tool provided by WeChat, which helps developers with logistics needs to connect with a number of logistics companies quickly and efficiently.

# Question 2. What are the benefits of using the express interface?

Through this interface, businesses can call each logistics company electronic face single interface batch order, print electronic face list and get logistics track, reduce the cost of docking logistics companies one by one, improve logistics efficiency.

After the user places an order through your Mini Program, WeChat will inform the user of the key logistics dynamics through the service notification, including the express company has secured the item, express delivery, express has been signed and waybill abnormal four states, improve the user logistics experience.

# Question 3. Do I need to charge for the express interface?

Express interface is the basic ability provided by WeChat, which is completely free.

# Question 4. How to use express interface service?

Go to WeChat Official Platform[Logistics assistant][Go to access] Check the access process guidelines

Step 1: Bind the contracted courier account

In the WeChat Official Platform - Mini Program management background, click [logistics assistant][To access][To bind], choose and you have signed the logistics company, enter and the network when signing assigned to your account password, submit binding

Binding specification

(1) If there is no account password at present, please contact the logistics company to complete the signing of the account number and password, and then bind it.

(2) The above binding account is the Bizid that needs to be filled out after selecting the logistics company when you call the express interface Api to place an order.

(3) If you have not signed a contract with the logistics company in advance and prepare to diverge, you do not need to bind logistics company on this page. Call the logistics interface to fill in the paid Bizid when ordering, the system will inform the courier after the success of the order, the freight is now settled. Currently, there are two logistics companies supporting bulk orders, corresponding to Bizid as follows:

Name of Express Company Courier company ID Cash-paid BizID
Debon Express DB DB_CASH

Step 2: docking express interface (merchants must see) Api

(1) ViewInterface document

Development interface documentation: you can develop or authorize service providers to develop, encountered problems can go toWeChat Open CommunityPut questions to

Test order: fill out the information of the consignee and consignor and the goods, See if you can successfully call the interface order, successfully generate electronic face sheet, access to face sheet data, print face sheet and receive service notice, the whole process to go general rules that interface has been through.

Step 3: Print Electronic Face Sheet

After placing an order with the express interface Api, you can choose one of the following ways to print the electronic face sheet

  • Use logistics company interface or pickup to print electronic face sheet
  • Use getOrder Pull electronic face sheet Html, use a thermal printer to print (may exist format compatibility issues, need to debug)
  • Use getOrder Waybill for pulling electronic face sheet_Data, self construction surface single and print (there may be format compatibility problems, need to debug)

Step 4: Courier door to door

After the courier door-to-door, the merchant can receive the logistics track through the courier interface Api, WeChat will push to the user has been taken, sent, has signed for/Sign for abnormal service notifications to facilitate user understanding of waybill trajectory.

# Question 5. I have not signed with the express company, how to use the express interface?

If you want to sign a contract with a courier company, you can first sign an agreement with a logistics network near the delivery warehouse offline, get the account number and password of the contract, and then use the WeChat express interface service.

If you have not signed with the logistics company in advance, you can find the payment, call the logistics interface to fill in the Bizid pay (no need to fill the password), the success of the order to notify the courier door pick up, the freight is now. Currently, two logistics companies support bulk orders, corresponding to Bizid as follows:

Name of Express Company Courier company ID Cash-paid BizID
Debon Express DB DB_CASH

# Question 6. I have bought a lot of express orders in a express network, how to use express interface?

You can bind the network cooperation account and password in the WeChat Official Platform Mini Program background - [logistics assistant], you can deduct the pre-recharge account of the logistics company account when you place an order.

# Question 7. How to settle the express fee?

Express Interface helps merchants connect with logistics companies at the information flow level. The specific waybill fee depends on the price you sign with the express company.

# Question 8. I bind the express company in the background of the Mini Program, why there is no way to place an order?

After binding the express company, you need to develop the express interface documentation before you can use express interface services.[Interface document] (https://developers.weixin.qq.com/miniprogram/dev/framework/open-ability/express/getallaccount.html "interface document")

# Question 9. Which courier companies are currently supported?

Currently support the following company, more express companies continue to access, please look forward to.

# Question 10. Can all orders in WeChat use express interface?

Currently, orders in Mini Programs can be supported (except for small games), the following will be opened in succession Official Account message template、H5 Please look forward to your orders.

# Question 11. With the express interface under the single, the courier will come to collect pieces?

Express interface can help you bulk order and print surface orders. If there is an agreement between the courier and you before the time, then continue to follow the agreement to the door, if there was no agreement, please contact the delivery network courier door to the pieces.

# Question 12. Print electronic face sheet must use express interface to provide a single software?

Preferred to use the official playing single software, can be better compatible with the format requirements of various logistics companies, in addition, you can also choose the logistics company door to play single. If you need to use a thermal printer or build a sheet and print, there may be format compatibility problems, please debug before use.

You can also use WeChat logistics assistant docking third party playing single software to print surface orders, the current support for third party single software:

# Question 13. What to do if you encounter problems during development?

Please go to WeChatDeveloper CommunityAsk questions, we will answer your questions first.