# Payment of arrears

WeChat background to the owner to notify the user payment success (payment failure without notification).

# 1, request parameters

Parameter Name type Required Remarks
appid string And Mini Programs appid
mch_id string And Payment Merchant Number
nuncio_st string And Random string
encrypted_data string And Using AESCBCPKCS7PADDING
iv string And IV for decryption(base64)
sign string And 1Signature of field 5

encrypted_Data decryption data

Parameter Name type Required Remarks
out_user_id string And The owner of the background of the user's identity, set the registration callback interface exists
openid string And User openid
bank_type string And Payment type, using string type bank identifier
total_fee int And Payment of expenses
transaction_id string And WeChat Payment Voucher
time_end string And Format for yyyy MMddHHmmss, such as December 25, 2009 9: 10: 10 seconds that is 20091225091010
repay_No string And Arrearage bill number
order_No array And The train code number associated with this bill number (there is a case of paying more than one bill), the content of each item is string
order array And Details of the Ride Code Number associated with this Arrears Ticket Number

Where each item of order has the following content

Parameter Name type Required Remarks
order_No string And Bus Code Single
attach string And Additional information uploaded without secret withholding
base64_qrcode string And Bus code information after base64
out_order_No string And External single number

# 2. Return parameters

Parameter Name type Required Remarks
Errcode int And 0 for success
errmsg string N Error message
nuncio_st string And Unaltered bring back

# 3. Examples



encrypted_The data is decrypted as: