# Query List of Overdue Users

WeChat background will regularly (starting at 6: 00 every day) access to all the users owed the list, and provide the interface query list interface, after which if the user completes the payment of arrears will be deleted when receiving the successful payment notice.

# 1, request parameters

Parameter Name type Required Remarks
start_openid string N Fill in the blanks from the beginning._OpenID will not be included in the return result
limit int And Maximum number of returns(0,10000]

# 2. Return parameters

Parameter Name type Required Remarks
Errcode int And Error code
errmsg string And Error message
list array N Return to the list of outstanding users

Where each item in the list reads as follows

Parameter Name type Required Remarks
openid string And User openid
fee int And Amount outstanding
create_time int And Time of update
out_user_id string N The user id on the owner side when the registration callback is set