# Instant delivery interface (merchant view)

# 1. Summary

Instant delivery interface, WeChat official free interface, designed to solve the catering, fresh, supermarket and other Mini Programs delivery needs. After accessing, the Mini Program merchant can obtain the distribution service of many distribution companies through the unified interface to improve the operation efficiency.

# 2. What are the benefits of access?

Meet the needs of multi-category distribution
Can meet the catering, fresh, supermarket and other categories of distribution needs

Interface completely free
Instant delivery interface is the basis of official capabilities, completely free and open

Improve user receiving experience
Delivery details will be sent to users via WeChat service notice to enhance the receiving experience. Service notification includes four states: rider has received order, rider has picked up goods, delivery, delivery completion and delivery exception

Unified docking saves money
The interface has been unified docking a number of delivery companies under the single interface, can directly generate a single delivery

Increase user callback Mini Program entry
Service notification of delivery details can jump to the merchant Mini Program, improve the return rate of users

# 3. Distribution companies supported


# 4. Docking process

Premise: merchants need to have reached a cooperative relationship with the delivery company, and signed an account before they can use this interface to place orders.
For example: choose flash send order, need to communicate with flash send in advance, after flash send create a cooperation account, then docking WeChat instant delivery Api.

# Step 1: Log on to the WeChat Official Platform and authorize the signing account of the delivery company. The process is broken down into:

(1) Business loginWeChat Public PlatformClick on the right menu [Logistics Assistant]Click the [Instant Delivery] tabTo access.
(2) Select the distribution company that already has cooperation account, such as cooperation company for flash, jump flash authorization login page, enter cooperation account and password in flash, authorize login
The cooperative transport company returns the authorization results, and the merchant can place orders with the authorized cooperation account.

# Step 2: Docking instant delivery Api (merchant view), estimated to take 2-3 days

(1) ViewInterface document
Development interface document: You can develop by yourself or authorized service providers. If you encounter problems, you can go to the WeChat open community to ask questions.

# Step 3: Test Commissioning

We provide a stable sandbox environment for your development process debugging, please first in the sandbox after debugging the environment and then formally call the interface, test guidelines need to be added.

# Step 4: Go online

After the debugging is passed, you and the user can receive the delivery details.