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Welcome to the Weixin Mini Programs Platform!

To use the Weixin Mini Programs Platform service (hereinafter, the “Service” or “Mini Programs Service”), you must read and comply with the Weixin Mini Programs Platform Terms of Service (hereinafter, these “Terms”), which is a supplementary agreement to and an integral part of the "Weixin Mini Programs Platform Service Agreement". You must read and agreed to the protocol specifications concerning terminal equipment systems, app stores, and markets, including but not limited to Apple Developer Program License Agreement and App Store Review Guidelines. Please be sure to carefully read and thoroughly understand the contents of all terms and conditions herein, particularly those pertaining to the exemption or limitation of liability and the separate agreements for starting or using a certain service, and then choose to accept or reject the agreements. Terms pertaining to the exemption or limitation of liability may be rendered in bold font to draw your attention.

You are not entitled to use the Weixin Official Accounts Platform service unless you have read and accepted all terms and conditions herein. If you log in, access, or post messages through the Service, you shall be deemed as having read and agreed to be bound by these Terms.

If you are under 18 years old, please read these Terms and other aforementioned agreements in the company of your statutory guardian and pay particular attention to the terms concerning use by minors.

1. Scope of Agreement

1.1 These Terms are made by and between you and Tencent concerning your use of the Mini Programs Service. “Users” refer to the individuals or organizations that register for, log in to, and use Mini Programs and are more often called “you” or the “developers” herein. “Other users” refer to users of Mini Programs Services other than yourself, including other users of Weixin Mini Programs, users of Weixin Official Accounts, and Weixin users.

1.2 The Service refers to the technical services provided by Tencent to users in accordance with these Terms, including remote interface calling, front-end framework development, service connection channels, encrypted data transmission, and the related Internet application techniques. By using a Mini Program, Weixin users shall become service users of said program (“service users” are also subject to the relevant provisions concerning “followers” in the Weixin Official Accounts Platform Service Agreement to the extent consistent with these Terms. Weixin Mini Programs can provide application services to the relevant users through the Mini Programs Platform.

1.3 A Mini Program is a kind of Weixin Official Account. You shall comply with the other relevant provisions on Weixin Official Accounts as stipulated in the Weixin Official Accounts Platform Service Agreement and other agreements to the extent consistent with these Terms.

2. Registration and Review of Mini Programs

2.1 You need to register a Mini Program before using the Service. The Mini Program is registered by linked an email that is not linked to any Weixin Official Account, developer account of the Weixin Developers Platform, or other Weixin account. Tencent has the right to change the way in which an account is registered and bound in line with user and product needs. As for the specific rules governing your use of an account, please abide by the relevant account user agreement and the special rules issued by Tencent in this regard.

2.2 After registration, you may generate a QR code or an electronic name card through the system backend for Weixin users to add.

2.3 After registration, you may design the registered Mini Program, conduct internal testing, editing, maintenance, and other initial development management. Your Mini Program will not be released or presented to other users, or found or added by other users until Tencent approves its release upon review.

2.4 Tencent will conduct a release review on the Mini Program to be released so as to ensure the security, stability, and good user experience of the Weixin Mini Programs Platform, Weixin Official Accounts Platform, and other users.

“Release review” refers to the process initiated by users, in which a user submits an initially developed Mini Program to Tencent, which reviews, screens, tests, and evaluates the legality, rationality, security, stability, operability, and user experience of said program itself or by entrusting a third party to perform the review. The review is conducted by means including but not limited to development information verification, security testing, UI testing, random testing, dynamic testing, and security testing. The release review has two possible results, approved or failed. If the review fails, the Mini Program cannot be released.

2.5 You understand and agree that the Mini Program release review service is a reasonable and prudent evaluation and judgment service provided by Tencent based on the information submitted by users, including but not limited to the registration information, scope of application, representations and commitments, development documents, and instructions for use within the scope of Tencent's legal authorities and capabilities. However, Tencent is not able to physically verify the user's actual performance in business management, operations, or promotional activities, nor shall Tencent provide any guarantees in this respect. You shall carefully read all protocols, specifications, and rules in connection with the release of Mini Programs, and Tencent will do its best to provide you with various common rejection scenarios. But due to the constant changes in laws and regulations, regulatory requirements, product specifications, user experience needs, and other factors, the reason why your Mini Program was rejected may not be specified in the guidelines previously published by Tencent, and the legal consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by you alone.

“Rejection” refers to the rejection of a Mini Program submitted for release review, or the short-term, long-term, or permanent ban of a Mini Program which has previously passed release review, or the refusal to provide the Service by other means such as the restriction or prohibition of the release of a Mini Program.

2.6 In order to provide users with more professional services, you agree to authorize Tencent unilaterally entrust a third party to review your release review application. After successful review, users can submit additional applications to Tencent for the review of version optimizations and updates in a reasonable manner and at a reasonable frequency. You understand and agree that the release review will result in labor and financial burdens on the part of Tencent. If you submit release review applications too frequently during the review service period due to malicious or non-malicious reasons (e.g. technical capabilities, user demands), Tencent has the right to require you to pay service fees for such reviews, suspend or terminate the review service for you, or take other measures. The liabilities arising therefrom shall be borne by you alone. After payment by users, Tencent will issue legal and valid invoices of equal amounts to them in line with the invoicing information they submit. Users shall ensure the authenticity, accuracy, and validity of such information. Otherwise, they themselves shall bear any losses incurred thereby.

2.7 The registration of Weixin Mini Programs adopts a real-name system, in which users shall truthfully fill in and submit the materials for account registration and authentication, complete information registration, and take responsibility for the authenticity, legality, accuracy, and validity of these materials. Tencent will present your registration information to other users to the extent allowed by law according to the account materials filled in and submitted by you. If, in accordance with relevant laws or regulations, a specific approval or filing is required for services or content provided by users, users shall provide clear explanations and submit the relevant approval letters or filing certificates during account registration and authentication. Otherwise, Tencent is entitled to refuse or terminate the provision of such services and impose a penalty on the violating account under these Terms. Users shall be liable for compensation for any damage resulting therefrom to Tencent or any third party in accordance with the relevant laws.

2.8 You clearly understand and agree that the Mini Programs released shall be within the scope of the categories published by Tencent. To this end, you shall select the category based on the services provided by, the activities engaged in, and the industry of your Mini Program in a truthful and comprehensive way without omission, in order that Tencent can better identify the laws and regulations and regulatory requirements that might apply to the Mini Program submitted and review it accordingly. If Tencent finds that your submitted Mini Program does not correspond to the indicated category or that the qualification materials submitted do not meet the qualification requirements of the relevant category, it will not be approved by the release review. Meanwhile, Tencent may also set out special provisions in these Terms of Service and related protocol specifications based on the laws and regulations or regulatory requirements of specific industries or specific areas. If such conditions apply to the services provided by your Mini Program, the activities engaged in, or the category corresponding to your industry, you shall comply with the relevant special provisions.

3. Mini Program Verification

3.1 Users can apply for Weixin Official Accounts Platform verification for their Mini Programs based on information registration or other needs. After going through all review processes, Tencent will judge whether the verification is successful or not. The verification services provided by the Weixin Official Accounts Platform only cover the screening and verification of the data or information submitted by users. Tencent will verify the data or information submitted by users in a reasonable and prudent manner. Limited by its legal authority and reasonable capabilities, however, Tencent is not able to physically verify the users' actual performance in business management, operations, or promotional activities, nor shall Tencent provide any guarantees in this respect. In case of disputes with other users or third parties due to behaviors of the users, the users shall bear the liabilities themselves and shall make compensations according to law if damages are caused to Tencent, other users, or third parties.

3.2 To allow Tencent to provide more professional services to users, you agree to authorize Tencent to entrust a third party to review your submitted verification information and to determine the result after making independent decisions based on the review conditions. Meanwhile, in order to protect the prior rights of the related rights holders and regulate the operations of the platform, some advanced Mini Program features require verification before they can be used. As for the specific verification rules of the Weixin Official Accounts Platform, please read and comply with the "Weixin Official Accounts Platform Verification Service Agreement".

4. Protection of User's Personal Information

4.1 The Service shall apply the provisions of the "Weixin Official Accounts Platform Service Agreement" on “Protection of User's Personal Information”.

4.2 In applying for the Service, you need to fill in some necessary information. Please ensure the authenticity, accuracy, legality, and validity of such information you provide and update it in a timely manner so that Tencent can provide you with prompt and effective help and better serve you. You are required to fill in real identity information in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and policies. If the information provided is incomplete or untrue, your use of the Service may be suspended or restricted. You understand and agree that, in order to provide you with services, Tencent will present your registration information to other users to the extent permitted by law.

4.3 During your application for and use of the Service, you need to accurately fill in and maintain a method of direct data communication with service users and other users according to the relevant requirements. This allows such data can be transmitted accurately in an encrypted manner and ensures the security of your own information and that of relevant users. Otherwise, Tencent is not liable for any leakage, loss, or damage to the relevant information caused thereby.

4.4 If your Mini Program collects, stores, processes, or uses any personal data or information of end users (see the applicable laws for definitions of the relevant terms):

(1) You shall comply with (and not knowingly enable end users to breach) this Agreement and any applicable laws and regulations (including the laws and regulations relating to personal data processing). You shall provide all necessary information to us to demonstrate your compliance with the relevant privacy and data security laws and regulations and the requirements of article 4.4 herein, including facilitating the conduct of audits and/or inspections of your compliance.

(2) You shall formulate and comply with privacy policies which clearly and accurately explain to the end users what personal information you collect, how you use the information (including for advertising) and how you share the information with us and other third parties (e.g. if any such third party serves content to or collects information from the end users). These privacy policies must, at a minimum, comply with and conform to the terms and conditions stated herein and the "Weixin Privacy Protection Guidelines" (whichever applies).

(3) If you must collect or process the personal data of any user when providing the Mini Program, you shall obtain the explicit consent of the said user to such processing at the time you request such data.

(4) Unless otherwise authorized or agreed (including under your privacy policies), you shall collect or process the personal data of users only when it is necessary to complete operations or functions of the relevant Mini Program. You shall not use such data outside of the relevant Mini Program or for any other purpose. Without limiting your obligations under this Agreement or applicable laws, you shall inform the end users of the purpose, scope, and processing of the data collected or processed by you or others on your behalf directly or indirectly and provide end users with a mechanism to exercise their relevant information rights with respect to such data.

(5) For any personal data provided by us, you shall only use such data according to our written instructions. If we require you to delete such data, you shall make all reasonable efforts to delete it.

(6) You shall take appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect user data against unauthorized access or use, and you shall regularly check the effectiveness of these measures. After collecting user data, you must take reasonable measures to protect such data against theft or leakage.

(7) You shall provide users with methods to modify and delete their data. If any user needs to delete his or her user data, the user may delete such data independently, and you shall make sure that the relevant data has been completely deleted and cannot be recovered.

(8) You shall assist us to respond to the requests of end users to exercise their rights under the applicable data protection and privacy laws.

(9) You shall not transfer any personal data that we provided to any other country or transmit it to any other person without our prior written consent, and any such transfer or transmission shall only take place as permitted under the applicable data and privacy laws.

4.5 Without our consent, you shall not collect, process, store, capture, obtain, or require any end user to provide any data, including but limited to the information contained on Weixin and/or its service platforms, such as user data. You shall not use any data which is obtained in violation of this Agreement or the applicable laws and regulations nor shall you provide any such data to any third party (including any of your customers).

4.6 Without our prior written consent, you shall not use the data obtained in connection with Weixin or Mini Programs to conduct any promotional, marketing, or advertising activities publicly or privately.

4.7 If we believe (by our sole discretion) that the way you collect, process, or use any user-related data may possibly impair or adversely affect the user experience, you shall, at the request of Tencent, delete such data in a timely manner and no longer collect, process, or use such data. If we require you to delete any personal data, you shall (i) render any requested data anonymous in such a manner that it no longer constitutes personal data (as defined under the applicable data and privacy laws); or (ii) permanently delete the requested data or render such data unreadable. You must provide us with a written confirmation as required by us to prove that the relevant personal data has been anonymized or deleted.

4.8 We may, at any time, restrict or prevent you from obtaining user data and/or any other data processed or stored on the open platforms of Weixin.

4.9 All the rights to any data, user data, or other data processed or stored in Weixin belong to us, except for the data which is owned by the users according to law. All such data is commercially sensitive information and shall be treated as the business secrets of Tencent. You shall ensure that all persons with access to personal data are bound by confidentiality obligations. Without our prior written consent, you shall not use such data for any purpose other than the one stated herein, nor shall you disclose such data to any third party.

4.10 Once you cease to use the Mini Program for any reason or Tencent no longer provides the Mini Program-related services for any reason, you shall delete all data obtained in connection with this Mini Program (including backups thereof) and immediately cease to use such data in any manner.

4.11 You shall take reasonable and secure technical measures to guarantee the security of any information stored on Tencent's servers by the Mini Program. All consequences arising from your acts or the acts of others on your behalf (including but not limited to self-installed software, encryption measures, or other security measures) shall be borne by yourself. Once unauthorized access to or use of the personal data takes place, you shall promptly report it to us, the end users, and (if applicable) the relevant data protection authorities.

4.12 To provide better services to all users, Tencent may present or use your nickname, profile picture, authentication information, Mini Program pages, and other content to the extent permitted by law, including but not limited to the provision of indexes and links.

You clearly understand and acknowledge that, if you believe that your Mini Program or a specific Mini Program page contains your personal information, communication information, or business secrets, you shall take measures with respect to the said Mini Program or specific Mini Program pages to prevent indexing, such as the setting of login statuses and adding of markers to prevent indexing. Tencent will try to use manners commonly adopted by the Internet industry to enable your measures to be effectively implemented.

If you fail to promptly take the aforesaid index prevention measures and thus the use by users is affected or the relevant information is leaked, you shall bear sole liability thereof and compensate for losses, and Tencent shall not bear any liability. If the privacy interests of Tencent or others are infringed upon, you shall solely assume all liabilities and compensate for all losses. In the event of improper presentation of user's information or other similar circumstances, Tencent may take measures (including but not limited to requiring the developer to make rectification within a specified time limit depending on the actual situation) so as to ensure the security of user's information.

5. Statement on Intellectual Property Rights

5.1 The intellectual property rights to the content provided by Tencent in the Service (including but not limited to webpages, texts, pictures, audio, videos, and charts) belong to Tencent, while the intellectual property rights to the content generated during the use of the Service by users belong to the users or the relevant rights holders.

5.2 The copyrights, patent rights, and other intellectual property rights to the software on the basis of which Tencent provides the Service belong to Tencent, unless otherwise specified.

6.1 You shall comply with the provisions of the "Weixin Official Accounts Platform Terms of Service" on “legal liabilities”, unless such provisions conflict with these Terms.

6.2 You clearly understand and acknowledge that, under these Terms, Tencent only provides you with the Mini Programs Service or the relevant neutral technical support services. Tencent has the right to choose the users of the Service for the sake of the orderly operations and the healthy development of Weixin and other platforms.

6.3 Your Mini Program is developed by you in your own name or you enjoy the legitimate rights to operate it. Any dispute or controversy arising from your Mini Program with any third party is your sole responsibility and Tencent shall not bear any liability. Tencent will not and cannot participate in the R&D, operation, or any other activities of your Mini Program, nor will Tencent modify, edit, or optimize your Mini Program.

6.4 Any disputes and liabilities arising from your Mini Program and the related services and any consequences caused due to violations by the developer of the relevant laws and regulations or these Terms shall be solely borne by the developer itself and the developer shall compensate for losses caused thereby. Tencent assumes no liability for such events. If the interests of Tencent or others are infringed, the developer itself shall assume all liabilities and compensate for all losses.

7. Miscellaneous Terms

7.1 Given that the Service will involve the technical development of the Weixin Official Accounts Platform, some users may be invited to participate in internal tests from time to time. If you are invited and you agree to participate in these tests, you must not disclose, present, or transmit the information and data related to such tests in any way to any third party without the written consent of Tencent. Otherwise, Tencent may revoke your eligibility for this and other internal tests and you shall compensate Tencent for all losses arising from your violation.

7.2 By using the Service, you are deemed to have read and agreed to be bound by these Terms. Tencent has the right to amend the content of these Terms when necessary. You can read the latest version of these Terms on related service pages. By continuing to use the Weixin Mini Programs Service after a change to these Terms, you are deemed to have accepted the amended Terms. If you do not accept the amended Terms, please discontinue using the Mini Programs Service.

7.3 The place of contracting and settlement of disputes pertaining to this agreement are consistent with the provisions set out in the "Weixin Official Accounts Platform Service Agreement". That is, the place of contracting is Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China, and disputes shall be settled under the jurisdiction of the local people's court of the place where these Terms are signed.

7.4 The establishment, validity, performance, interpretation, and dispute settlement of these terms shall be governed by the laws of China's Mainland (not including conflicting laws).

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