Unlike formal version, this page provides the Beta version of developer toolkit for downloading. We have some new features and bug fixes for release in the beta.

Internal Testing for New Tools of Mini Program

The Beta version of developer toolkit is added with Mini Program·Cloud Base support

The following is a list of features in public beta version:

  • Mini Program·Cloud Base: Developers can use Cloud Base to develop WeChat Mini Programs and Mini Games. Cloud features can be used without setting up a server. Details
  • "git" version management support: The new version management panel added in the project window makes it easy for developers to do simple Git management for the project. Details
  • Mini Program experience rating: In the debugger Audits panel we can evaluate the experience of the Mini Program. Details
  • npm support. Details
  • Mini Game debugging on a physical device (WeChat 6.7.2+ for iOS). Details

Download (1.02.1808281)

Windows 64-bit/Windows 32-bit/Mac OS

For Windows, only supports Windows 7 and above.