The project page provides three features.

Displaying Details of Current Project

Project details include the icon, AppID, third-party platform name (only displayed when the Mini Program is developed via a third-party platform), directory, time when the code was last submitted, and the code package size.

Changing Base Library Version

Developers can choose any base library version on the project page to develop Mini Programs and to debug the compatibility between new and old versions.


Project Settings

Code Protection

When this option is enabled, WeChat DevTools will attempt to protect the project code, mainly by flattening the file and replacing the file name referenced by require. This feature is not suitable for the following situations:

  1. This feature does not work well when a Mini Program only contains simple pages.
  2. If a file is greater than 500 KB and references files in the project using require, a prompt message of "File not found" may appear when the code is running.
  3. Dynamic reference, such as var a = 'somefile.js'; require(a);
  4. The require function is assigned to other variables, such as var a = require; a('somefile.js');
  5. require is used as a parameter of a binary operator, such as require + 1;.
  6. The ... operator is used without enabling ES6-to-ES5 conversion

Skipping Verification of Request Domain Name and TLS Version

Network request for an official Mini Program requires verification of valid domain name and the TLS version of the domain name, which can be configured in the mp admin console. If this option is enabled during development, WeChat DevTools will not verify the encrypted domain name and the TLS version, helping developers to debug the code more easily in the process of development.


Domain Name Information

This module shows the encrypted domain name information of the Mini Program. The valid domain names can be configured in the mp admin console.