Settings page

Appearance Settings, Edit Settings, Proxy Settings, and Notification Configurations. Click Settings on the menu bar or use the shortcut key ctrl(⌘) + , to open the Settings page.

Appearance Settings

The editor supports appearance configuration and code editor habits and styles.

  • Theme: dark, light
  • Font
  • Font size
  • Line spacing


Edit Settings

  • Automatically save when editing files
  • Automatically save all files during compilation
  • Automatically compile Mini Program when files are saved
  • Automatic Folding
  • Use Space to replace Tab
  • Code thumbnail
  • Always open file in new tab
  • Ignore Windows style carriage returns when comparing file content with Git.
  • Tab size

If "Always Open File in New Tabs" is checked, then when you click on a file in the editor directory tree, the file will always be opened in a new tab instead of being opened in a temporary tab.


Proxy Settings

You can configure to not use a proxy, or use a system proxy, or use a custom proxy.


Notification Settings

You can set whether to receive system messages, developer community messages, and monitor alarm messages.