# Settings Page

Includes appearance settings, editing settings, proxy settings, and notification settings. Click Settings on the menu bar or use the shortcut ctrl(⌘) + , to open the Settings page.

# Appearance Settings

Supports configuring the appearance of Weixin DevTools, and operating habits and styles of the code editor.

  • Theme: dark or light
  • Font
  • Font size
  • Line spacing


# Edit Settings

  • Auto-save when editing files
  • Auto-save all files during compilation
  • Auto-compile Mini Program when saving files
  • Word wrap
  • Replace Tab with a space
  • Code thumbnail
  • Always open a file in a new tab
  • Ignore Windows carriage returns when comparing files via Git
  • Tab size

If Always open a file in a new tab is checked, when you click on a file in the editor's directory tree, it is always opened in a new tab rather than a temporary tab.


# Proxy Settings

You can configure not to use a proxy, or use a system proxy or a custom proxy.


# Security Settings

You can enable or disable CLI/HTTP calls.