Cloud Physical Machine Testing Beta

In order to facilitate the vast majority of developers to detect defects in Mini Programs and evaluate the product quality of Mini Programs, we have provided a free cloud physical machine test environment and a complete set of test programs. Before the Mini Program is delivered to real users, you can send the Mini Program to our cloud platform to perform tests that simulate real user actions, and automatically generate a test report when it is complete.


  • Defect detection: Automatically discover JavaScript exception thrown by Mini Program during the test.
  • Performance data analysis: Data indicators including loading time, CPU usage, and memory usage are collected during the test;
  • Model coverage: Mini Programs are randomly assigned to run on 4 to 8 machines of different models (determined by the machine resources at the time) to observe the performance of Mini Programs on different models;
  • Others: weak network environment testing, multi-scene testing, etc. (under development).

Start testing

Nothing is easier than this. Click the "Test" button and check your test report after a while!


After submitting the test, the current version of the Mini Program will be submitted to the cloud test queue for testing. In general, the result will be returned within 24 hours (or faster). If the test report is still not received the next day, please leave your feedback on the developers forum. Our engineers will process as soon as possible.

At present, our system still has much room for improvement. We are doing our best to make it better. Providing developers with more valuable tools has always been our goal.

Should you have any suggestions, needs and questions, please feel free to leave your feedback on the developers forum. (#cloud-testing)

Q & A

Is cloud physical machine a real machine?

Yes. The machine is deployed and maintained by WeTest Tencent Quality Development Platform.

Why is a very obvious JavaScript error in my Mini Program not detected by the cloud test?

At the present stage, the proxy algorithm for cloud testing is an exhaustive random algorithm with a goal of high page coverage rate, and the defect detection capability is relatively weak. Each of its execution paths is different and is limited by the execution time. So, the path with defects may not be executed.

Can the cloud test detect text errors in my Mini Program?

No. The proxy algorithm is not an agent (although we are trying to add more intelligent behaviors to it). Errors that are obvious to human may not be detected, especially business-type errors. Text errors require at least the ability to understand semantics, so it can't.

If the test result is too bad, will it affect the review and release of the Mini Program?

No. The test report is just a tool for you to compare and analyze. The way to use it is entirely up to you.

My Mini Program has an extra login system (non-WeChat login). What should I do if I'm always stopped at the login page during the test?

This feature is the content of the next iteration. You can configure the test account and password for proxy algorithm auto login to traverse more pages.