# UserInfo

The user information.

# Properties

# string nickName

The user's alias.

# string avatarUrl

The URL to the user's profile photo. The last numeric value represents the size of a square profile photo. (The value can be 0, 46, 64, 96, or 132. The value 0 represents a 640x640 square profile photo, the value 46 indicates a 46x46 square profile photo, and so on. The default value is 132.) This parameter is left blank if a user has no profile photo. If the user changes the profile photo, the URL of the original profile photo will expire. |

# number gender

The user's gender.

Valid values of gender

Value Description Minimum Version
0 Unknown
1 Male
2 Female

# string country

The user's country.

# string province

The user's province.

# string city

The user's city.

# string language

The language used to display the country, province, and city

Valid values of language

Value Description Minimum Version
en English
zh_CN Simplified Chinese
zh_TW Traditional Chinese