# wx.shareAppMessage(Object object)

Actively triggers forwarding to go to the Select Contacts interface.

# Parameters

# Object object

Property Type Default Value Required Description Minimum Version
title string No Forwarding title. If it is not specified, the alias in the current Mini Game is used.
imageUrl string No Forwarded a link with an image. It can be a path to a web image, a path to a local image file, or a path to an image file in a relative code package directory. Images are displayed at an aspect ratio of 5:4.
query string No Query string, in key1=val1&key2=val2 format. When entering a Mini Game from this forwarded message, you can get the query in the startup parameters via wx.getLaunchOptionsSync() or wx.onShow().
imageUrlId string No ID of an approved image. For details, see Using Approved Forwarding Images 2.4.3