# RenderingContext

The drawing context of the canvas object.

  • You can use the Canvas.getContext('2d') API to get the CanvasRenderingContext2D object. Most of the properties and methods defined by HTML Canvas 2D Context are implemented.
  • You can use the Canvas.getContext('webgl') API to get the WebGLRenderingContext object. All the properties, methods, and constants defined by WebGL 1.0 are implemented.

# Availability of 2D APIs

2D properties and APIs that are not supported on iOS/Android:

  • globalCompositeOperation does not support the following values: source-in, source-out, destination-atop, lighter, and copy. If any of these values is used, an error is reported, and you may get different results than expected.
  • isPointInPath

# Availability of WebGL APIs

Types of compressed textures on different platforms

  • PVR format on iOS
  • ETC1 format on Android