# wx.getUserInfo(Object object)

User Authorization is required for scope.userInfo before this API is called.

Gets user information.

# Parameters

# Object object

Attribute Type Default Required Description
withCredentials boolean No Indicates whether to include login status information. When withCredentials is true, wx.login must be called previously and the login status must be effective. In this case, sensitive information such as encryptedData and iv is returned. When withCredentials is false, the login status is not required, and sensitive information such as encryptedData and iv is not returned.
lang string en No The language of the displayed user information
success function No The callback function for a successful API call
fail function No Callback function for failed API call
complete function No Callback function used when API call completed (always executed whether call succeeds or fails)

Valid values of object.lang

Value Description Minimum Version
en English
zh_CN Simplified Chinese
zh_TW Traditional Chinese

# object.success callback function

# Parameters
# Object res
Property Type Description Minimum Version
userInfo UserInfo User information object, excluding openid and other sensitive information.
rawData string Raw data string that excludes sensitive information and is used to calculate signatures.
signature string The string generated with SHA-1 (rawData + sessionkey), which is used to verify the user information. For details, see signature, verification, encryption, and decryption of user data.
encryptedData string The complete encrypted user data, including the sensitive data. For details, see signature, verification, encryption, and decryption of user data.
iv string The initial vector of the encryption algorithm. For details, see signature, verification, encryption, and decryption of user data.
cloudID string The Cloud ID corresponding to sensitive data. It is returned only in Mini Programs for which Cloud Base is enabled. The open data can be directly obtained via cloud call. See details. 2.7.0

# API Adjustment Description

If this API is called after user authorization is obtained, the user information is returned. If this API is called without user authorization, the authorization pop-up window will not appear, and the fail callback is directly executed. (For details, see Announcement).

# Sample Code

// It must be called after user authorization is obtained.
  success: function(res) {
    var userInfo = res.userInfo
    var nickName = userInfo.nickName
    var avatarUrl = userInfo.avatarUrl
    var gender = userInfo.gender //Gender: 0 - Unknown; 1 - Male; 2 - Female
    var province = userInfo.province
    var city = userInfo.city
    var country = userInfo.country

There are two ways to get sensitive data. One is to use the [Decryption Algorithm for Encrypted Data] ((open-ability/signature#decryption algorithm for encrypted data)). The acquired open data has the following json structure:

  "openId": "OPENID",
  "nickName": "NICKNAME",
  "gender": GENDER,
  "city": "CITY",
  "province": "PROVINCE",
  "country": "COUNTRY",
  "avatarUrl": "AVATARURL",
  "unionId": "UNIONID",
  "watermark": {

# Sample Code for the Mini Program User Information Components

<!-- To display only the user's profile photo and alias, use the  <open-data />  component. -->
<open-data type="userAvatarUrl"></open-data>
<open-data type="userNickName"></open-data>
<!--Call button for login authorization -->
<button wx:if="{{canIUse}}" open-type="getUserInfo" bindgetuserinfo="bindGetUserInfo">Authorize the login</button>
<view wx:else>Upgrade your WeChat</view>
  data: {
    canIUse: wx.canIUse('button.open-type.getUserInfo')
  onLoad: function() {
    // View whether user authorization is obtained
      success (res){
        if (res.authSetting['scope.userInfo']) {
          // User authorization is obtained. You can directly call the `getUserInfo` API to get the profile photo and alias.
            success: function(res) {
  bindGetUserInfo (e) {