classify Function explaination
Shop interface Help service providers/Standard version of the business transaction module/Mini Stores
Service providers The service provider can enter the service market by calling the interface and provide service for the merchant.
Required before access to goods Through this interface, merchants manage information such as product qualification
SPU (Modified Products That Need to Be Relisted) Merchants manage product SPU information through this interface
SKU (modified to re-list goods) The merchant uses this interface to manage the product SKU information
order Merchant management of orders through this interface
distribution Merchants manage order delivery and logistics through this interface
Coupon Merchants use this interface to manage in-store coupons
shop Merchants manage store information through this interface
customer service Call this interface can download temporary multimedia files, send customer service messages directly to the user, send the customer service input status to the customer and upload media files to the WeChat server, you can view the existing customer service documents
live broadcast Call this interface to use live-related controls and merchandise functions to view existing live documentation
Return code Return code

# The API continues to update, stay tuned!