# Error code

Note 1: Request method: POST,Content-Type: application/json。

Note 2: JSON should not include comments, the comments in the document is only for the convenience of the business to understand

Note 3: pay attention to json legality, it is best to do json legitimacy check before the request comes in, common mistakes have more commas, and parentheses are not equivalent

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# Universal error code

Universal error code Introductions
45009 Day level frequency limit, 2 solutions 2 choose 1: 1. ArrivalMini Programs mp- Development management - Interface settings - Call quota reset2. callFrequency-limiting reset API
47001 Non-json requests
61007 The Mini Program has not yet authorized the corresponding permission set to a third-party platform
61004 The third party platform export IP is not set
40066 API URL does not exist (usually wrong)
48001 Mini Program does not have access to the interface
87014 Content of violation exists
300000 The instantaneous request frequency is too high, please lower the frequency and try again
990001/990002 OPEN ILLEGAL
990004 OPENID missing
990005 page_Size exceeds limit
990007 Missing parameters
990008 Parameter too long
990009 Start time is greater than end time
990010 Please try again later.

# Product Error Code

Product Error Code Introductions
1000001 Not uploaded_product_id
1000002 The product is under review, please do not repeat submission
1000003 This item has not been audited and no data is available
1000004 The new sku needs to call the product interface, and the no-review update supports only the vetted SKUs
1000005 The product category needs special qualification, need to call the class interface
1000006 The product has unauthorized brand information, need to call the brand interface
1000007 Incorrect category information, the category id must be a level 3 category
1000008 Product qualification picture is required field, please add
1000009 The calling class id does not exist
1000011 This page does not exist.
1000012 Item id already exists, please call update interface
1000013 Product Update Conflict
1000014 Product required fields Missing
1000015 SKU stock is not allowed when new item is added 0
1000016 Item not under review
1000017 Push audit failed, please call product update interface to complete push review
1000019 The number of arraignments in the last 1 hour exceeded the frequency limit, please try again after 1 hour
1000020 Sku list is empty
1000021 Small procedures margin reasons, the failure of product push review

# Order Error Code

Order Error Code Introductions
1000000 Order Status Flow Exception
1010001 order_id和out_order_Id fill in at least one
1010002 Part of the product in the order does not exist
1010003 product_Infos field exception
1010004 pay_Info field exception
1010005 price_Info field exception
1010006 Failed to update order
1010007 transaction_Id anomaly
1010008 Part of the product status in the order is not shelf status
1010009 Address in order_Info field exception
1010011 The order does not exist
1010012 Order exists
1010014 The order openid is inconsistent with the appid of the interface accesstoken
1010015 Missing information for non-audited goods
1010018 Logistics list length exceeds limit
1010019 Logistics goods do not exist in the order
1010020 Order creation time field missing
1010021 Mini Program path(path)Field missing
1010023 Order delivery mode(delivery_detail)Field incomplete
1010024 Product path field in order(order_detail.product_infos.path)deficiency
1010025 Pre-sale single lack of deposit and balance
1010026 pay_method_The type value is not valid
1010027 Orders not pending
1020002 After sales orders already exist
1020003 There is no such thing.
1020004 The item in the request body that needs to be sold does not exist in the original order list of items
1020005 Request Body Missing After-sale Goods
1030001 Missing Order ID or APPID
1030002 Failed to get ticket

# Access error code

Access error code Introductions
1040001 This Mini Program is not a regular Mini Program
1040002 The Mini Program has been connected
1040003 The Mini Program hasn't been plugged in yet.
1040004 Access State Flow Exception
1040005 The Mini Program category does not allow access
1040006 This Mini Program is not on the white list
1040007 The Mini Program may already have access to standard components, not to custom components
1040008 Open antecedent condition not completed (API upload goods and audit pass & API order and pay successfully)
1040009 The Mini Program has a record of violation in the last six months and does not allow access to custom components
1040010 This Mini Program is under review
1040014 User real-name authentication failure
1040015 User security check failed
1040016 User Payment Subcheck Failed
1040018 For existing Mini Store accounts
1040019 User has submitted a request
1040020 This Mini Program is not a trial store
1040021 Failure to meet completion criteria
1040022 Number of registered stores exceeding the limit

# Audit error code

Access error code Introductions
1050003 This category has been approved, no need to repeat the application
1050004 This category is required, please add
1050005 Related audit not queried
1050006 Get no Mini Programs history qualification information
1050009 Under review
1050010 The audit has been approved
1050011 No application required for this project

# Upload pictures/File error code

Access error code Introductions
1070001 file/Image is empty
1070002 Upload failure
1070003 Upload Return Exception
1070004 Encryption failure

# Coupon Error Code

Error code Introductions
1090001 Coupon does not exist
1090002 Coupon already exists
1090003 User coupon does not exist
1090004 User coupon already exists
1090005 Coupon stock does not exist
1090006 Coupon Inventory Exists
1090007 Request missing out_coupon_id
1090008 Coupon status is not in the edit
1090009 Insufficient inventory of coupons
1090010 Coupon Status Change Failed
1090011 Lack of commodities
1090012 The item in the coupon is not in the status
1090013 Failed coupon entry
1090014 Coupon Expired Failure
1090015 Coupon not expired
1090016 Coupon abandonment fails
1090017 Coupon deletion failure
1090018 Cannot be edited after coupon is active
1090019 Coupon callback failed
1090020 Coupon callback test results fail
1090021 Coupon callback test results fail
1090022 Coupon callback test results fail
1090023 The message is incorrect.
1090024 Coupon valid type unknown
1090025 Activities too hot
1090026 Request missing user_coupon_id
1090027 Request missing coupon_id
1090028 Coupon capacity not confirmed
1090032 Callback coupon system failed
1090033 Failed callback coupon logic
1090034 Status cannot be set for coupon information, use the Change Coupon Status interface
1090035 Error creating coupon video number information
1090036 Creating coupon names is too long
1090037 Create Coupon ID too long
1090039 Openid error
1090040 Callback to confirm the opening of the voucher function back to check the information failed
1090041 User coupon update status failed
1090042 User Coupon Merchant Side ID Missing
1090043 Coupon status is wrong
1090044 User coupon status is incorrect
1090045 User coupon update status failed
1090046 Request missing coupon_info
1090047 Request missing name
1090048 Request missing promotion_info
1090049 Request missing discount_info
1090050 Request missing receive_info
1090051 The request is missing._info
1090052 The coupon redemption information is incorrect.
1090053 Coupon promotion type does not correspond
1090054 Wrong coupon type
1090055 Wrong coupon expiration type

# Share error code

Error code Introductions
1310001 The number of bound shares has reached the limit
1310002 Request missing openid
1310003 Too many openids, not more than 100