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# Interface call request specification

Http request method: POST

# Request Parameter Sample


# Return Package Example

    "errcode" : 0,
    "errcode" : "",

# Request Parameter Dxplaination

parameter type Is it necessary to fill out Introductions

# Return parameter specification

parameter type Introductions
Errcode string Error code
errmsg string Error message
same_city_template.template_id number City distribution template ID
same_city_template.shipper string Distribution party
same_city_template.scope number Distribution range, per meter
same_city_template.same_city_valuation object Valuation method
same_city_template.special_time object Special period
same_city_template.delivery_time object Distribution time

# object-same_city_valuation

parameter type Introductions
type string Billing Type
condition_free_valuation object Freight free condition
tiered_billing_valuation object Ladder accounting method

# object-same_city_valuation.condition_free_valuation

parameter type Introductions
min_free_price number Minimum Amount for Conditional Free Freight

# object-same_city_valuation.tiered_billing_valuation

parameter type Introductions
min_send_price number Minimum starting and delivery amount, points
first_val_metre number Xx miner xx score
first_price number Xx miner xx score
second_val_metre number Each additional xx meter
second_price number Increase xx points

# object-special_time

parameter type Introductions
type string type
extra_fee_valuation object Special Time Surcharge

# object-special_time.extra_fee_valuation

parameter type Introductions
fee_details[].start_hour number Start time, hour
fee_details[].start_minute number Start time, minutes
fee_details[].end_hour number End time, hour
fee_details[].end_minute number End time, minutes
fee_details[].fee number Cost for the period

# object-delivery_time

first_val_meter内first_val_minutes, Every second added_val_metre Need to add second_val_minutes

parameter type Introductions
start_business_hour number Opening hours, hours
start_business_minute number Opening time, minutes
end_business_hour number Closing time, hours.
end_business_minute number Closing time, minutes
book_time number Available time, minutes
first_val_metre number Scope of delivery, m
first_val_minutes number Time of delivery, minutes
second_val_metre number Delivery Range Increments, Meters
second_val_minutes number Incremental delivery time, minutes

# Enumeration values - shipper

Enumeration value string Introductions
0 Shipper_Unknown Unknown
1 Shipper_MerchantSend Merchant delivery
2 Shipper_ThirdPartySend Third party distribution

# Enumeration value - same_city_valuation.type

Enumeration value string Introductions
0 ValuationType_Free Free freight
1 ValuationType_ConditionFree Conditional Free Freight
2 ValuationType_TieredBilling Ladder charging

# Enumeration value - special_time.type

Enumeration value string Introductions
0 ValuationType_Free No surcharge
1 ValuationType_ExtraFee Additional cost

# Return code

Return code Type of error
-1 System exception
-2 Token is too long