# Universal error code

Universal error code Introductions
100000 Operation without permission
100002 Access does not exist
100003 The page does not exist.
100004 This page does not exist.
300000 Exceeding the frequency limit (800 for most interfaces)/30s, may change later, please pay attention to this document)
-30000 To perform this operation, check the audit status and call the correct interface

# Product Error Code

Product Error Code Introductions
9401001 Products exist
9401002 Goods don't exist
9401005 SKU exists
9401006 SKU does not exist
9401007 Attribute already exists
9401008 Property does not exist
9401020 Parameter is illegal
9401021 No rights for this item
9401022 SPU does not allow changes
9401023 SPU does not allow editing
9401024 SKU is not allowed to change
9401025 SKU does not allow editing
100003 Category already exists
100004 Category does not exist
100009 Adding SKU after adding SPU failed
100010 Category and brand mismatch
108002 Abnormal state of goods
108003 Failure to lock inventory

# Order Error Code

Order Error Code Introductions
108004 There is a difference in the price of the goods after the order is submitted
108005 The order is not overdue.
108006 Order Payment Expired
108007 Automatically confirm receipt has not expired
108008 The order is not correct.
108009 Orders are not allowed to ship, confirm receipt
108010 Turn the page, page_A Mistakes,
108011 There is sku price change in the order
108012 Change in freight
108013 Order amount varies
108014 The coupon selected in the order cannot be used
108015 Order transaction failed
108016 Inventory flow status is not correct
108017 Short supply of snap up stocks
108018 The rush hour is over
108019 Snap up inventory changes Cannot backtrack
108020 Under payment Can't cancel.
108021 The price is too high
108022 Too many price changes
108023 Change price too low
108024 Subdivisions not closed
108025 Address not filled in the order
108026 The number of goods is 0
108027 Invoice has been requested
108028 There is a single refund, now do not allow money
108029 There is a single refund, never allowed to split money
108030 20 days before receipt is confirmed. No split now.
108031 The order status is wrong, never allow to split money
108032 Cent parameter error
108036 Failed to generate product ID
108037 Order Commission Amount 0
108038 Hit spu limited
108039 Too many sku in one order
108040 Inventory flow does not exist

# Logistics error code

Logistics error code Introductions
109000 Delivery failure
109001 Already shipped
109002 No merchandise.

# Coupon Error Code

Coupon Error Code Introductions
100050 Coupon status illegal
109100 Coupon status is wrong
109101 Insufficient inventory of coupons
109102 The coupon hasn't expired yet.
109103 Coupon Limited
109104 user_coupon_id Does not exist
109105 Coupon not available at time of order submission
109106 coupon title Too long
109107 Failed to verify discount number
109108 Verification of Preferential Price Failed
109109 Check whether the coupon is less than the minimum price
109110 Checkout Collection Time Failed
109111 Validation valid time failed
109112 Failed to verify the total number of coupons issued
109113 Check Limit Collar Failure
109114 Checkout merchant failure
109115 The address does not exist
109116 Non-continental address
109118 create Coupon Type Not supported yet
109119 Wrong type of promotion

# Panic Mission Error Code

Panic Mission Error Code Introductions
110000 The product _ID already exists a rush task
110001 No Panic Mission
110002 The status of the purchase is incorrect
110003 Snap up set time wrong
110004 Snap up set SKU missing

# Other error codes

Other error codes Type of error
10005 The identity card, name and registered micro signal of the incoming superpipe do not match
100020 Parameter is illegal
101000 Empty file
101001 Illegal format
101002 Exceeding file size
101003 Parameter width does not match the actual picture
101004 Upload failure
102000 Already registered
1005 Mini Program nickname illegal
102001 Channel number illegal
102002 WeChat name is illegal
200000 Server login appid illegal
200001 Missing third-party service provider information
200002 Expired Service Purchased in the Services Market
260008 Nickname is illegal