# Search Order

# Interface call request specification

Http request method: POST

# Request Parameter Sample

    "start_pay_time": "2020-03-25 12:05:25",
    "end_pay_time": "2020-04-25 12:05:25",
    "title": "Title keywords,"
    "sku_code": "12321",
    "user_name": "Zhang San,"
    "tel_number": "13700000000",
    "on_aftersale_order_exist": 0,
    "status": 20,
    "source": 1, //Order source, default 0, 0: All, 1: Mini Stores self-orders, 2: Order with goods
    "order_id": 123,    // Optional, used when searching only one order
    "page": 1,
    "page_size": 10

# Return Package Example

    "errcode": 0,
            "status": 23,
            "craete_time": "2020-03-25 13:05:25",
            "update_time": "2020-03-25 14:05:25",
            "order_detail " :
                "product_Infos ":
                        "product_id": 234245,
                        "sku_cnt": 10,
                        "on_aftersale_sku_cnt": 10,
                        "finish_aftersale_sku_cnt": 0,
                        "Title": "Fitness Ring,"
                        "thumb_img": " http://img10.360buyimg.com/n1/s450x450_jfs/t1/85865/39/13611/488083/5e590a40E4bdf69c0/55c9bf645ea2b727.jpg",
                               "attr_key": "Choose a color,"
                               "attr_value": "Red and blue host."
                        "beats_price": 2000
                    "pay_method": "WeChat Pay"
                    "prepay_id": "42526234625",
                    "transaction_id": "131456479687",
                    "prepay_time": "2020-03-25 14:04:25"
                    "pay_time": "2020-03-25 14:05:25"
                    "product_price": 20000,
                    "order_price": 10500,
                    "freight": 500,
                    "discounted_price": 10000
                    "is_discounted": 1
                    "delivery_method": "Express,"
                    "delivery_time": "2020-03-25 16:05:25",
                            "waybill_id": "134654612313",
                            "delivery_id": "STO",
                            "product_Infos ":
                                    "product_id": 234245,
                        "user_Name ":" Mr. Chen " ,
                        "postal_code": "2435245",
                        "province_name": "Guangdong,"
                        "city_name": "Guangzhou,"
                        "county_name": "Haizhu District"
                        "detail_info": "Tai Tong"
                        "national_code": "234234",
                        "tel_number": "24534252"
                "aftersale_order_list": [
                        "aftersale_order_id": 1234
                "on_aftersale_order_cnt": 1
            "openid": 'xxxxx';
                "customer_notes": "Fat Shun Fung"
                "merchant_notes": "Insufficient stock, cancel"
    "total_in a": 20

# Request Parameter Dxplaination

parameter type Is it necessary to fill out Introductions
start_pay_time string no Order Payment Time Search Start Time
end_pay_time string no End Time of Search for Order Payment Time
title string no Keywords of product title
sku_code string no Product code
user_name string no recipient
Tel_number string no Recipient telephone
on_aftersale_order_exist number no Do not fill this parameter: All orders 0: No orders are in the process of sale, 1: The number of orders is greater than or equal to 1
status number no Order status
source number no Order source, default 0, 1: Mini Stores self-orders, 2: Order with goods
order_id number no Optional, used when searching only one order
page number yes Page number (1 minimum)
page_size number yes Number of pages(Not exceeding 10,000)

# Return parameter specification

parameter type Introductions
Errcode string Error code
errmsg string Error message
orders[].order_id number Order ID
orders[].create_time string Create time
orders[].update_time string Update time
orders[].order_detail.product_infos[].product_id number Mini Store Internal Product ID
orders[].order_detail.product_infos[].sku_id number Mini Store interior skuID
orders[].order_detail.product_infos[].thumb_img string sku small diagram
orders[].order_detail.product_infos[].sku_cnt number Number of sku
orders[].order_detail.product_infos[].on_aftersale_sku_cnt number Is after-sales/Number of sku in refund process
orders[].order_detail.product_infos[].finish_aftersale_sku_cnt number After-sales completed/Number of sku refunded
orders[].order_detail.product_infos[].sale_price number Sale Price in Units
orders[].order_detail.product_infos[].sku_attrs[].attr_key string Attribute key (for attribute customization)
orders[].order_detail.product_infos[].sku_attrs[].attr_value string Property values (for property customization)
orders[].order_detail.pay_info.pay_method string Payment method (currently only "WeChat Pay")
orders[].order_detail.pay_info.prepay_id string Pre-payment ID
orders[].order_detail.pay_info.transaction_id string Payment Order Number
orders[].order_detail.pay_info.prepay_time string Time of advance payment
orders[].order_detail.pay_info.pay_time string Payment Time
orders[].order_detail.price_info.product_price number Product amount (unit: points)
orders[].order_detail.price_info.order_price number Order Amount (Unit: Minutes)
orders[].order_detail.price_info.freight number Freight (in cents)
orders[].order_detail.price_info.discounted_price number Preferential amount (unit: points)
orders[].order_detail.price_info.is_discounted number Is there a discount (0: No discount/1: Offer (available)
orders[].order_detail.delivery_info.delivery_method string Express (currently only "express")
orders[].order_detail.delivery_info.delivery_time string Delivery time
orders[].order_detail.delivery_info.delivery_product_info[].waybill_id string Tracking number
orders[].order_detail.delivery_info.delivery_product_info[].delivery_id string Courier company number
orders[].order_detail.delivery_info.delivery_product_info[].product_infos[].product_id number Shipped merchandise store internal merchandise ID
orders[].order_detail.delivery_info.delivery_product_info[].product_infos[].sku_id number Shipped goods store internal skuID
orders[].order_detail.delivery_info.delivery_product_info[].product_infos[].product_cnt number Quantity of goods shipped
orders[].order_detail.delivery_info.address_info.username string Name of consignee
orders[].order_detail.delivery_info.address_info.postal_code string postal code
orders[].order_detail.delivery_info.address_info.province_name string GB receiving address first level address
orders[].order_detail.delivery_info.address_info.city_name string GB receiving address secondary address
orders[].order_detail.delivery_info.address_info.county_name string GB Receiving Address Third-level Address
orders[].order_detail.delivery_info.address_info.detail_info string Detailed shipping address information
orders[].order_detail.delivery_info.address_info.national_code string Address Country Code
orders[].order_detail.delivery_info.address_info.Tel_number string Consignee mobile phone number
orders[].aftersale_detail.aftersale_order_list[].aftersale_order_id number After-sales single ID (After-sale interface can be used for inquiry after opening)
orders[].aftersale_detail.on_aftersale_order_cnt number Number of sales in the process
orders[].openid string User openid for logistics assistant interface
orders[].ext_info.customer_notes string User Notes
orders[].ext_info.merchant_notes string Merchant Remarks
total_A number Total orders

# Enumerate - status

Enumeration value describe
10 Outstanding
15 Group activities Pay success Waiting for the group
16 Pay success Waiting for the merchant to receive orders (Same city distribution Offline self-lifting)
17 Successful payments pending write-off
20 Awaiting shipment
21 Partial shipment
30 Pending receipt
100 complete
200 After the sale of all goods, the order is cancelled
250 User Active Cancellation or Pending Payment Overtime Cancellation

# Return code

Return code Type of error
-1 System exception
-2 Token is too long
9401020 Wrong parameter